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Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – All Wirebug Attacks, Moves, Controls, and Recovery

Monster Hunter Rise - All Wirebug Attacks & Skills

Wirebug is a new mechanics introduced by Capcom in Monster Hunter Rise. With the use of this game mechanics, you can move faster in the game, climb walls and mountains, stay afloat in the air, use unique moves in a fight, reposition yourself, evade attacks, and much more. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but with our guide, you will be able to master the Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Wirebug attacks and moves. Keep scrolling to know the Wirebug controls, moves, and recovery.   

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – All Wirebug Attacks, Moves, Controls, and Recovery

The Zl buttons is key to using the Wirebug ability in Monster Hunter Rise. Using the Zl in conjunction with other buttons will allow you to use a variety of moves in the game. Wirebug moves will allow you to fight mobs in unique ways. You can use the ability in almost all aspects of the game to reposition, hunt, and outmanoeuvre.

Wirebug ability works differently when the weapon in sheaved or drawn. It can take a while for you to get used to it, but once you do, the Wirebug will take your game to another level. Let’s have a look at the Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Moves and Controls when the weapons are sheaved and draw.

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) Wirebug Recovery

Wirebug work on Wirebug charges and after you have used one, it has a cooldown duration. But, the used Wirebug recover pretty fast so you don’t have to worry about running out of them.

If you want to know about the stamina recovery, while airborne, you can press A to hang in the air and while hanging the stamina recharges, but the Wirebug does not. So, that’s’ all you need to know about the Wirebug recovery for itself and the stamina.   

Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug

Wirebug Moves and Control with Weapon Sheaved


There are various different types of Wiredash you can perform with the combination of different keys. Some will allow you to dash on the ground, while the other airborne. Here are all the moves you can perform.

As it’s indicated by the name, this move sends you dashing forward on the ground and makes it easier to cover short distances in an instance. To use the skill, press Zl + A on the ground and you will rush a small distance in the direction you are facing. With this ability you can quickly reposition yourself or get away from an attack.

Pressing Zl + X on the ground, will dash you upwards in the direction the hunter is facing. With this move, you can reposition yourself or get an aerial advantage.

Zl + Zr also launches the hunter to the air, but with greater precision. The hunter will dash to the direction of the reticle. The Zl + Zr can be used in conjunction with Zl + X and Zl + A. This will allow you to perform additional moves and maintain quick mobility.

Using the Zl + Zr and Zl + X will allow you to remain in air for longer, while the Zl + Zr and Zl + A will pull you directly to the ground after launching into the air.

While you are airborne, you can press the A to use the Wirebug to hang in the air. You can also use L + B to reposition yourself.  

With the combination of these moves, you can perform an array of different manoeuvre both in air and on the ground. When the game releases and you keep testing, you will discover more ways to use the above skills.


The Wirefall is a Wirebug technique that would come really handy when you are fighting monsters. If you are knocked over your feet or under onslaught of attack, you can press the Zl + B to launch yourself out of the attack and reposition yourself.


You can use the Zl + X / A to climb walls. Point the reticle on the wall you want to jump and press the key combinations Zl + X or Zl + A to perform a wall run. You can experiment with the moves to use walls in a fight or to climb mountains. Once you are one of the wall, you can move right or left to climb it.

Monster HUnter Rise Wirebug Wallclimb

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – Wirebug Attack Moves and Controls

With the weapons drawn, there are a variety of moves you can perform. The moves also differ depending on your type of weapon. A ranged weapon has different Wirebug ability than sometime like a sword. Here are the various abilities.


In a fight, you can use the Zl + X or Zl + A to perform a variety of attacks. Most of the attacks depends on your weapon and allow you to get airborne and attack the head of the monster to deal more damage.

With the ranged weapon, the controls for use Wirebug ability are R + X or R + A. Pressing these buttons in a fight will allow you to perform different moves.

The key controls for you to remember are Zl + A, Zl + X, Zl + Zr, R + X, and R + A. While attacking, the moves remain the same, but you can perform an attack with them. We hope you know the basics of the Wirebug mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise. As you play the game, you will get more familiar to them and discover more moves or use for them.

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