Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Best Audio Settings Explained

Players need to use their ears more in Modern Warfare 2 than in the previous Call of Duty. It means that now the best audio setting is more critical. Having a good audio setting will let you hear footsteps better. However, it is recommended to use a headset instead of speakers. Modern Warfare 2 features a worldwide conflict that returns the Task Force 141 Operators. Infinity Ward offers state-of-the-art gameplay, an advanced AI system, revamped gun handling, several graphical innovations, and a new Gunsmith. This game has tactical infiltration ops, highly classified missions, and many more. This post will discuss the best audio settings for Modern Warfare 2. 

What are the Best Audio Settings for Modern Warfare 2

While you are playing a multiplayer game, audio is one of the most vital factors. Similarly, it is vital for the newly released Modern Warfare 2. The best audio for this game is turning off the music volume, decreasing the dialogue volume, and lowering the master volume. You have to increase the volume of the effect to the maximum to hear the footsteps clearly. The best audio settings for Modern Warfare 2 are;

  • Audio mix: Headphones
  • Effects Volume: 100
  • Music volume: 0
  • Hit marker volume: 30
  • Voice chat volume: 50
  • Master volume: 40
  • Dialogue volume: 30
  • Mono audio: Off
  • Speakers/headphones game sound device: Default system device

While you will increase the Master Volume to 100, the sound quality depends on your headphones. If the sound seems extremely loud and you can’t hear your party member’s voice, you can turn down the slider. It will lower the volume throughout the entire game. 

While you are playing multiplayer, it is recommended to turn the music volume down to 0. Loud music volume will distract you. Therefore, you must turn down the music volume to focus entirely on the gameplay. Also, turn down the dialogue volume to 50. Thus, the characters’ shouting won’t suppress any vital audio cues. During the game, you don’t need super loud hit makers. Therefore, you can turn down the Hit Maker Volume. Well, this is a volume setting that usually suits most players. Still, you can change the audio settings as per your preference. 

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