Mobile RPGs is World’s Highest-Grossing Mobile Game Category

 Mobile RPGs is World’s Highest-Grossing Mobile Game Category

A recent report from Sensor Tower (involved in data and analysis environments) titled “2022 Mobile RPG Market Insights” suggests that mobile RPGs are the world’s highest-grossing game category. Since 2017, RPGs have been the highest-grossing mobile game category.

2022 was not great, but still a good year for mobile gaming. We got some good RPGs such as Lineage W, Uma Musume, Pretty Derby, Monster Strike, etc. In the first three quarters of 2022, the mobile RPGs market grossed an astonishing amount exceeding $15.6 billion, 27% of global mobile game revenue.

The report also highlights that the biggest markets for mobile RPGs are Japan, China, and South Korea. Japan led the pack generating a revenue of $5.57 billion, and China and South Korea $3.1 billion and $2.35 billion, respectively.

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