MLB The Show 21: March to October Survival Guide

In the game of MLB The Show 21, most of the players love to play Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, or Franchise Mode. But did you know March to October is also one of the gems of this game? This mode doesn’t only offers a different experience, but also gives players the best opportunity to power through a full season by playing some of the key moments throughout the year. Here is a complete guide on how to take your team to the World Series.

March to October Survival Guide: MLB The Show 21

Let us check out the best MLB The Show March to October survival guide here so you can proceed to the World Series and earn the rewards.

Team Affinity Rewards in Diamond Dynasty

This is a Program in Diamond Dynasty where you can earn Team Affinity Points when you complete several challenges and in-game tasks to earn rewards connected to a particular MLB division.

Choose your Team and Difficulty

If you want to have your favorite team through March to October, make sure to be strategic and consider which division you require Team Affinity for.

If you want the Team Affinity for the AL West, you will want to chase March to October with the Houston Astros or Los Angeles Angels.

Key Moment, Player Lock Boost, and Team Momentum

In the March to October mode, you no need to play a full season, rather, this mode will accelerate you through the weeks into your next Key Moment.

Sometimes, in the final 3 or 4 innings of the game, you will notice your team goes up or down, you can use the Key Moment where you can use a Player Lock rather than controlling the whole team. It leads to a Player Boost for the remainder of the season if you are doing well in that Key Moment.

Ultimately, everything will be tied up in a Team Momentum that affects how good your team is playing in simulated innings and games, you will keep the Momentum high to chart your path to the postseason.

Other important tips

– If you fail a key moment in the game, it doesn’t mean the end of the world, you can still win the World Series even if you’ve setbacks along the way.

– Always focus on normal swings and start playing with the accelerated season to begin earning the rewards.

– When you have the opportunity, don’t get scared if you have reached 80+ players at your weaker positions as such trades can happen.

– You will have the option to call up your players from the minor leagues and let them perform well to fast track. It can be helpful to earn achievement quicker. However, it is not needed for ultimate success in March to October mode.

That’s is for the complete March to October Survival Guide in MLB The Show 21. Also learn, Which Boss to Take in the 2nd Inning Program in Diamond Dynasty: MLB The Show 21.

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