MLB The Show 21 – How to Upgrade Archetypes

Once you have created a player in MLB The Show 21, you can use him in various modes including the RTTS and Diamond Dynasty. The player would also be assigned a starting Archetype. It could be the “Slugger” or “Filthy.” At the initial hours in the game, the assigned Archetype is going to serve you well, but you would want to upgrade as fast as possible. Here is how to upgrade Archetypes in MLB The Show 21.

How to Upgrade Archetypes in MLB The Show 21

When it comes to the in-game guide it isn’t the most intuitive in terms of explaining how to upgrade the Archetype. After you have created the players and the loadout, you can access the Ballplayer by clicking on the player avatar on top-left corner. You can also access the Ballplayer quickly by pressing the Touchpad and going to the My Ballplayer tab. To view the current Archetype, simply hover over it and press Square button to select it. For users on Xbox, you will have to hit X to open the Archetype program.

The Archetypes program has various tasks that you can complete in RTTS and Diamond Dynasty to upgrade the Archetypes in MLB the Show 21.

Road to the Show (RTTS) Tasks

The RTTS mode has five tasks that you can complete to upgrade the Archetype. The first two tasks are repeatable, so you can grind them to finish the upgrade without having to play in the Diamond Dynasty mode. Here are the five tasks with the first two being repeatable.

  1. 24 Plate Appearances
  2. 5 Extra-Base Hit
  3. 1 Extra-Base Hit
  4. 10 Extra-Base Hits
  5. 20 Extra-Base Hits

Diamond Dynasty Tasks

If you want to try out or prefer the Diamond Dynasty mode, there are again five tasks and two repeatable. While you can still get the upgrade with just the RTTS, you can speed up the process by playing Diamond Dynasty. Here are the five tasks with the first two as repeatable.

  1. 5 Innings Played
  2. 2 Extra-Base Hits
  3. 1 Extra-Base Hits
  4. 4 Extra-Base Hits
  5. 8 Extra-Base Hits

While upgrading the Archetype, there are various rewards in the form of perks, new equipment, and Stubs that you can unlock.

In a nutshell, this is how to upgrade the Ballplayer Archetype in MLB The Show 21.

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