MLB The Show 21 – How to Update Rosters

MLB The Show 21 is finally released by San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4 and PS5. It has also launched on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One by MLB Advanced Media. This new game is based on Major League Baseball (MLB). This game has one of the biggest rosters in the series. Every roster in this game is being watched in real-time and depending on their weekly performance, their ratings and stats change accordingly in-game. So, it is very important to keep them updated every time you play the game. So, we are here to learn how to update rosters.

How to Update Rosters in the MLB the Show 21

If you are going to update the Rosters in the MLB the Show 21, make sure that you are connected to the internet. As soon as you will connect to the internet, all the new stats will be added automatically to the game.

The states of all the players will be added to your game every time you launch the game on any of the platforms. Following are the steps to update your Rosters.

1. Go to the Diamond Dynasty Menu

2. Select the option ‘Rosters’

3. And save the updated roster manually to your existing save file  

Make a note: If you’re offline, still you can play the game without any problem. You can update your rosters later when you will be connected to the internet.

Thus, it is a simple and easy way to update rosters. Particularly for this game, we recommend connecting your console permanently with the internet so you can enjoy this game without any issues.

Hope you have learned this simple method to update rosters in the MLB The Show 21.

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