MLB The Show 21 – How to Turn off Baserunning

To turn off or disable Baserunning is quite simple in MLB The Show 21; however, new players on Xbox may not be familiar with what the setting does and veterans may need a refresher. The Baserunner is a feature in the game that’s enabled by default and it can have a server impact on the game. With this feature, a player can have control over the entire team Baserunning or specific players.

You can either allow the feature to be enabled and manage everything yourself, which would be what more experienced players choose. However, if you don’t know the in and out of Baserunning, it can take some time to learn. Meanwhile, you can disable Baserunning and let the AI do the job for you. Here is how to turn off Baserunning in MLB The Show 21.

How to Turn off Baserunning in MLB The Show 21

While MLB The Show 21 is a great game, it’s not the most intuitive and clear in terms of explaining the various acronyms and features of the game. Players are expected to learn those on their own as they get accustomed to the game, which can be a steep learning curve. One of the things players are not taught is ruling the bases, but with the AI you don’t need to.

Disable Baserunning in MLB The Show 21

  • Open the Settings of the game
  • Select on Gameplay
  • Select Batting & Baserunning
  • Go to Advanced Settings by pressing the triggers
  • Set Baserunning Decisions to Auto (This will transfer the managing task to the AI)

The AI of the game is reliable and would easily help you get farther; however, if you are looking to try things on your own and get a feel of the game, you can let the settings be as they are or return to the same place and enable them again. You can try the two settings and see the difference in the game and then make a choice.

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