MLB The Show 21 – How to Pickoff a Runner

MLB The Show 21 has arrived and the Pickoff is a particularly very important feature in this game. When you perform a Pickoff attempt, you can be sure that no one is going to steal the base. Also, the Pickoff attempt will help you to keep the baserunner close to the bag. Nevertheless, you have to be very careful to execute this action perfectly. If you have no idea how to Pickoff a runner in MLB The Show 21, here is the complete guide.

How to Pickoff a Runner in MLB The Show 21

Timing is crucial when attempting a pickoff. Here is what you need to do it.

1. To Pickoff a runner, you need to observe on the video screen which you will find on the top left when you’re playing on the pitch. Here, you will find the baserunner who is preparing to attempt to steal a base. 

2. To perform a Pickoff attempt on a runner, click on ‘L2’ on PS and ‘LT’ on Xbox. Thus, you will be able to see the runner. 

3. Next, select the base you need to throw to and the pitcher will perform a Pickoff attempt on the runner.

4. If it will be successful, the runner will be declared out.

5. When you’re done with the Pickoff attempt successfully in MLB The Show 21 will earn you the Dugout Walk achievement trophy.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is very important to be careful as it is all about the timing. Make sure to keep your eyes on the top left of the screen. When baserunners slide away from the base, this is the right time to perform your Pickoff attempt, and in case you missed this time, the baserunner will go back on the bag.

That’s all you need to know about How to Pickoff a Runner in MLB The Show 21. Learn How to Complete the Nation of Baseball Conquest Challenge?

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