MLB The Show 21 – How to Improve Swing Timing

Hitting the ball efficiently is the most important technique you need to learn in MLB The Show 21. There are different swings you can use for hitting such as Normal Swing, Power Swing, and Contact Swing. In the game of baseball, Swing Timing plays an important role. It is very tricky and at the same time irritating to have a grasp on it. So, it is very important to learn how to improve Swing Timing. 

How to Improve Swing Timing in MLB The Show 21

By knowing the following tips and tricks, it will be easier for you to improve Swing Timing in MLB The Show 21.

Speed and Recognition

Speed of the pitch plays an important role in swing timing. It is important to know that the faster pitches will need a faster reacting time, and slower pitches need a slower reacting time.

To improve swing timing, the first thing you need to do is to keep your eyes on the opposing pitcher’s arsenal of pitches. You can access it by pressing RT/R2 while you’re at the plate. If you’ll notice that a pitcher uses a hard fastball, more than 95 MPH), ensure to hit one of the swing buttons as quickly as possible. It seems simple and easy but you should remember that every pitch is not the same. Fastballs feature straight movements, and on the other hand, Changeups have more sinking motion and quite slower than typical fastballs.

Curveballs and Sliders are slower than a fastball but both are breaking pitch. It means that both of the pitches have a point in their way where it will break, either right or left (slider) or down (curveball).

Track the pitch

Another important aspect is to track the pitch well. If you are going to use PCI, which offers increased precision when at the plate, it is very important to track the pitch wisely. When you can’t hit every pitch, track the pitch and watch the ball carefully. Then, move the PCI to a pitch you want to hit and let it rip.

That’s everything you need to know How to Improve Swing Timing. Learn How to Turn Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) On or Off?

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