MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 How to Hit & Get Home Runs

MLB The Show 21 How to Hit & Get Home Runs

There are several different ways to score runs in the game of MLB The Show 21 but Home Runs are more thrilling than anything else and so hitting home runs is something you will want to know how to do. Since this challenge exists almost across the board, it seems helpful to give some tips for hitting better in MLB The Show 21. Let’s quickly know here.

How to hit and get Home Runs in MLB The Show 21

Hitting Home Runs is quite tough but after going through the following tricks, you can improve your hitting.

How to Hit in MLB The Show 21

If you are using the Zone Interface which is the most common and widely used hitting style, take note of the high sensitivity when you move the PCI, and try to make slight movements rather than adjusting it largely in any direction. The best way is to use the left analog stick to control where the PCI goes and get it close to the centre of the inner circle for the best contact.  

Of course, bat timing is also very much important. If you are too late or too early, it will lead to poor contact. To practice for the best timing to hit in MLB The Show 21, the ‘Practice Mode’ has been improved in this new version. You can try ‘Practice Mode’ first to be a master.

Tips to Get Home Runs Easily

One of the easiest ways you can do is to use the square button on PlaySstation or X on Xbox to hit swing instead of X / A or Circle / B. Thus, it will reduce the contact of the player you are using but it will give them a sharp boost in power.

That’s all for the guide on How to Hit & Get Home Runs in MLB The Show 21. Learn more about this newly launched game and become a pro player. Learn How to Update Rosters in MLB The Show 21? 

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