MLB The Show 21 – How to Get Your RTTS Player in Diamond Dynasty

There are numerous exciting changes in the new season of MLB The Show this year. One of the biggest changes is the fan’s most favourite Road to the Show (RTTS) mode. This mode allows you to create your player which you follow through their career but on the earlier titles of the series, the player was exclusively for RTTS mode. With MLB The Show 21, you use your RTTS player in other modes line Diamond Dynasty. Here is the complete guide on how to get your RTTS player in Diamond Dynasty.

How to Use Your RTTS Player in Diamond Dynasty

The player in RTTS Mode is called Ballplayer. Essentially, he is like your MyPlayer just like the NBA 2K series. In the earlier version of this game, you were starting RTTS by creating a player that is focused on one position, and then you used to create another player for each other position you needed to try. MLB The Show 21 is quite different in which you need to create a Ballplayer that you can use in RTTS as well as in other modes if you want to.

Using this Ballplayer in Diamond Dynasty is quite simple. In Diamond Dynasty, you can use playing cards that you’ve collected to build a team to rival other players while using them. It is not tough to import your Ballplayer since they should be there under their respective position in the depth chart when you are preparing to make your roster.

This is the part, where you’ll get the problem to get your RTTS player. Here you need to find a little more. It should be at the primary position of SS. However, if you could not find the SS option in Diamond Dynasty, then the player should be under the 2B options with the second baseman listed as their primary position. So, go back to RTTS and ensure, it must be listed as a shortstop. Get your player from here. This is how you can add them easily.

That’s everything you need to know how to get your RTTS player in Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21. Learn MLB The Show 21 – How to Upgrade Archetypes?

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