MLB The Show 21: How to Get Diamond Eric Davis in Diamond Dynasty

Expert Diamond Eric Davis has been added to the 1st Inning Program in MLB The Show 21. After unlocking Diamond Eric Davis, he will earn you 35,000 XP in the 1st Inning Program when you will add him to the collection. Many players are keen to get this high-rated player to fill up their Diamond Dynasty Teams. If you also want this veteran player into your team, check out these instructions.

How to Get Diamond Eric Davis in Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21

To get Eric Davis in your team is quite simple as you only need to complete several challenges in the game. There are multiple ways to earn the currency which will help you to move up.

Whether you are playing against other players or the computer, you can easily get Eric Davis in no time. It is also important to note that you need only 50 points to finish the track. So, you do not require to complete all the options.

Eric Davis Missions

The mission part will take your lot of time. However, you can still finish them along with other missions, if you want. If you don’t want to hit various missions, you can complete the following main 3 missions:

1. Online: Tally five extra-base hits with CFs (10 points)

2. Online: Tally 10 hits with Orioles (10 points)

3. Vs. CPU: Beat the Orioles on All-Star or higher (8 points)

Eric Davis Moments

Moments are one of the options that ask you to finish several in-game scenarios. Davis’s Moments section has 6 challenges for 7 points each. If you will complete all of these, you will earn 42 points so this is a great way to quickly jump onto the progression track.

Eric Davis Exchange

You can exchange your outfielders for points which are also one of the best options. If you’ve many extra outfielders resting, you can easily trade them and earn 5 points for each.

These are the details of the missions and options to get Diamond Eric Davis in Diamond Dynasty. Learn How to Improve Swing Timing in MLB The Show 21?

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