MLB The Show 21 – How To Earn XP Fast

In the game of MLB The Show 21, you can gain XP by playing anything and anywhere. These XPs help you to unlock a variety of rewards in a time-limited Program and ultimately, you can customize your look and upgrade your squad. In this new season, the ‘XP Reward Path’ and inning programs have been consolidated in the one mega reward path – ‘Inning Programs’. So, you have the best opportunity to earn even more rewards more often as you play the game each inning.

How to Earn XP Fast in MLB The Show 21

In MLB The Show 21, the main program is the ‘Inning Program’. In this program, you are rewarded for playing matches by earning XP, which will help you to progress in the game. If you get into Diamond Dynasty, then you will also see a list of multiple tasks such as:

Daily Missions

Daily Missions to be a bit broader, but if you will check the details, it will explain modes to play to get the rewards of completing that mission.


Conquest is a strategic game mode that tasks players with taking over the map and also taking fans along the way as you connect your dynasty against the competition.

This offers some of the new rewards along with XP including Prospect packs to level up your team with future greats.


Collections are super easy to understand. Collect a related bunch of cards – that is a whole team or multiple players from the same set and earn a reward that is related to that set.


Moments can be a very quick thing to knock out at times as they have certain goals and can be restarted constantly if they are not going as intended.

Make sure to complete these tasks as early as possible, as they are going to give you big XP bonuses which will help you to maximize your level and earn even greater rewards.

The above-mentioned tasks refresh daily and they will give you a quick reward and XP. One of the players on Reddit mentioned that, by completing ‘Collections’ if you are playing Diamond Dynasty, you can earn a good amount of XP. Even if you just do 10 or 20 thresholds, you’ll see some rather large XP from them.

The main thing is that you should focus on that part which you enjoy the most to earn XP. Learn How to Complete the 1st Inning Diamond Conquest Challenge?

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