MLB The Show 21 – How to Complete the Nation of Baseball Conquest Challenge

The New season MLB The Show 21 is out now and players can now enjoy deeper and faster match actions. Nation of Baseball Conquest is one of the first conquests in this new series. It features a single-player challenge that includes all 30 MLB teams. The initial reward in this conquest is a Gold Bryce Harper and Diamond Albert Pujols. Also, you will get 6 Gold Prospects each time when you complete the MLB The Show 21 map as well – one from each division.

Here is how you can complete the Nation of Baseball Conquest Challenge.

How to Complete the Nation of Baseball Conquest Challenge

So, let’s learn here how to complete the Nation of Baseball conquest. Let’s first check out the map and goals that require to fulfil. To begin, you need to start from the middle part of the map, and then, teams will try to strengthen their areas of the map along with fans. While you’re busy with the task to reinforce your regions, try to take over opponent teams’ regions as well.

Ensure to send supports to those areas where rival teams are closing in, and at the same time, also watch out for open territories that can be easily obtained. Since, all the 30 teams in this particular part of the map, you have to take efforts to complete this conquest. We advise taking one team at one time and start from that part.

Here are the details of 16 goals for this challenge to complete.

Goal 1 – Acquire 25M Fans

Goal 2 – Steal 3M Fans

Goal 3 – Steal 7M Fans

Goal 4 – Steal 15M Fans

Goal 5 – Acquire 100M Fans

Goal 6 – Conquer 100 Territories

Goal 7 – Capture all AL East Team Strongholds

Goal 8 – Capture all AL Central Team Strongholds

Goal 9 – Capture all AL West Team Strongholds

Goal 10 – Capture all NL East Team Strongholds

Goal 11 – Capture all NL Central Team Strongholds

Goal 12 – Capture all NL West Team Strongholds

Goal 13 – Acquire 250M Fans

Goal 14 – Conquer 250 Territories

Goal 15 – Capture all Team Strongholds on the map

Reward to Complete the Nation of Baseball conquest

– 89 OVR Diamond Card of Albert Pujols

– 2,000 Stubs

– 4,000 XP

You have to take over all the regions on the map to complete this conquest. Meanwhile, players can also acquire 6 division-themed prospect packs which all are repeatable – 1 to complete Goals 7 to 12, a 79 OVR Walter Johnson, and an 82 OVR Bryce Harper.

That’s for the guide on how to complete the Nation of Baseball Conquest challenge in MLB The Show 21. Also, learn How to Complete The 1st Inning Diamond Conquest Challenge in MLB The Show 21.

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