MLB The Show 21 – How to complete Diamond Bruce Sutter Player Program

MLB The Show 21 keeps dropping new content and its latest spotlight is the Diamond Dynasty 2nd Inning Bruce Sutter Player Program. In this program, players will go through a series of new challenges, but it is worth adding these legendary Cubs closer to your Diamond Dynasty squad. Now, players have an opportunity to get a new 88 OVR reliever that features a killer splitter. Also, you can have 35,000 XP towards the 2nd Inning Program.

Here we got all the details on how to complete Diamond Brice Sutter Player Program.

How to Complete Diamond Bruce Sutter Player Program in MLB The Show 21

To complete the Sutter program easily, you will need to get 50 Points. This is the best and easiest way towards it. Here are the details of some of the Missions and Moments you need to go through to complete the Diamond Bruce Sutter Player Program.


There are mainly 3 missions in this Player Program which you must complete in particular Diamond Dynasty Game Modes.

1. Strikeouts with RP: Tally 10 Strikeouts with Relief Pitchers in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, and Events (Rewards 10 Points)

2. Save with CHC Pitcher: Tally 1 Save with a Cubs pitcher in Ranked Seasons, Battle Royale, or Events (Rewards 10 Points)

3. Defeat CHC on All-Star: Defeat the Cubs on All-Star Difficulty or higher (Rewards 8 Points)


There are 6 different moments which you need to complete.

1. Just the Start (Veteran Difficulty): Strike Out 3 Batters with one out in the 8th inning (Rewards 7 Points)

2. Long Reliever or Closer (Veteran Difficulty): Strike Out 7 Batters in five innings (Rewards 7 Points)

3. Tough for most (Veteran Difficulty): Save 1 Game and Do Not Give Up One Hit (Rewards 7 Points)

4. Bruuuuce (Veteran Difficulty): Save 2 Games and Do Not Blow 1 Save (Rewards 7 Points)

5. 1979 Cy Young (Veteran Difficulty): Save 1 Game, Strike Out 1 Batter, and Do Not Give Up 1 Run (Rewards 7 Points)

6. Save Leader (Veteran Difficulty): Save 1 Game and Do Not Give Up 1 Run (Rewards 7 Points)

Once you complete it successfully, ensure to go to the 2nd Inning Program Collections, and add the 88 OVR Sutter card to his particular collection.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Complete Diamond Brice Sutter Player Program in MLB The Show 21.

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