MLB The Show 21 – How to Bunt

A Bunt is a batting technique in the game of baseball. A Bunt is one of the swing types that can be used early for a ‘Sacrifice Bunt’ or can be used late for a ‘Drag Bunt’. Both of these types can be applied in certain situations. Let us learn more about both of these types. You will get a trophy when you’ll sacrifice bunting a runner. So, do not miss performing Bunting whenever you get an opportunity.

How to Bunt in MLB The Show 21

Here is how to bunt in MLB the Show 21.

1. Sacrifice Bunt

This Bunt is used widely as it is very simple and easy to perform. You just need to hold Triangle and aim. It will enable the pitcher to see about the planning of the players.

2. Drag Bunt

This is another type of Bunt that can be used in situations when a hit is required while the third baseman is playing great and should be tried with a player with considerable speed. To use Drag-Bunt, you need to press Triangle at the second last. 

There are also some of the important things which you should know before you proceed to perform a Bunt. 

– If you’re on 2 strikes, it is advisable not to take the risk.

– If you see the ball is going beyond the zone, you should pull out of the Bunt and take a ball.

– If you Bunt a ball foul, you’ll get a strike.

– And if you have decided on the ‘Drag Bunt’, ensure to do it with a fast player as they will need to get to the first base quickly.

That’s everything you should know about How to Bun in MLB The Show 21. Check out our website to learn more about this game. Learn How to Turn Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) On or Off?

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