MLB The Show 21: How to Add a 4th Pitch in Road To The Show

One of the best features of MLB The Show 21 is that you can add, remove and customize pitches in the game. You can create your collection of pitches that you can use easily while playing the game. However, some changes in the game may take some time to be used to it. Adding 4th Pitch in RTTS (Road To The Show) is one of them. Let us find out here in the following, how to add a 4tjh Pitch in Road To The Show (RTTS).

How to Add a 4th Pitch in RTTS in MLB The Show 21

Unfortunately, so far, there is no any way to add a 4th Pitch in MLB The Show 21’s RTTS game mode. Certainly, players who have spent many years in the majors and reached very high OVRs, and also maximized relationship with their team report that they’re still struggling to equip 4th Pitch. 

However, so far, nothing is confirmed by the developer that adding the 4th pitch is impossible in the game. On the other hand, it seems that the developer has yet not focused on this point.

The question remains the same that, it is intentionally not given the features or some bugs prevent from adding the 4th pitch in Road To The Show.

Also, nowadays, currently players are facing some technical glitches in Road To The Show that means that still there are some issues in the RTTS mode which still need to be fixed by the developer.

Finally, one important point to note that the developer San Diego Studios has indicated already that, they’re working on something and soon will release the patch.

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