MLB the Show 21 Hitting Tips – How to Hit the Ball Better

Knowing how to hit the ball right so it travels a long distance and possibility a home run is one of the first things you should learn if there is your first game in the MLB the Show 21. However, a lot of players struggle to hit the ball as they jump to play the game. There are certain techniques and settings in the game that can help you bet the ball better. Here is how to hit the ball better in MLB the Show 21.

We will share some techniques and as well as help you tweak the MLB the Show 21 hitting settings. Keep scrolling to know more.

MLB the Show 21 Hitting Settings

One of the first things you should do when you boot up the game is to adjust the MLB the Show 21 hitting settings. To modify the hitting settings, you will first have to head to Main Menu > Settings > Gameplay. Once you are here, there are settings you need to change.

Hitting View

There are a few choices here, however, we suggest that you go with the Striker Zone. The other options include Strike Zone 2, Strike Zone 3, Striker Zone Offset, and a few others. Strike Zone is the default settings and you should stick to that because it provides a more zoomed-in camera angle, allowing you to view the ball more clearly as it comes towards you. You also have a better reaction time compared to the other options.

Hitting Interface

Again, you have a few options such as Zone, Directional, and Pure Analogue. The option you would want to go with is Zone because it’s simply the best hitting interface. If you want to try out the other you can, but you will soon realize the others are non-comparable to Zone when it comes to hitting.

Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI)

This is a big one and quite important when it comes to hitting the ball. The PCI is on the screen and the more it’s on the ball the better hit you will get. The setting you would want to tweak here is to set the PCI Transparency to 100%. You can change the colour according to your preference.

Hitting Tips to Hit the Ball Better in MLB the Show 21

Once the settings are taken care of, there are certain tips or techniques that can help you hit the ball better. Here are some things to keep in mind as you get to the plate.

  1. Don’t swing at everything that comes your way. Watch the style of pitcher and the type of ball they like to throw. If you know the ball better you will likely swing better and get more hits.
  2. Related to the above, but you should eventually be able to identify pitches. It’s easier said than done, but over time you can master it. You will be able to tell the type of ball that’s coming your way by looking at the ball as it comes off the fingers of the pitcher.
  3. Look for the perfect opportunity. Not all pitches are perfect. The pitcher will always make a mistake and you should be able to identify them and take advantage.
  4. Practise your timing. This is probably the most important tip when it comes to hitting. Timing the hit is crucial when it comes to how far the ball travels. Try to swing the bat a little early and practise and learn.

So, there are some MLB the Show 21 hitting tips and settings that can improve your hits in the game.

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