MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty – Which Boss to Take in the 1st Inning Program

You have the option to choose from three cards in the 1st innings program to improve your team. The three players are Fernando Valenzuela, Mike Piazza, and Kenny Lofton. It’s important that you select the right player to improve your team in the gameplay. You should know that while you can pick just one player at the start, you can always buy the other as they are sellable. Here is the best player or boss to take in the 1st innings program in MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty. We have done an analysis of all the three players you can choose.

Which Boss to Take in the 1st Inning Program in MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

The three players you can choose from in the first innings are Fernando Valenzuela, Mike Piazza, and Kenny Lofton. Here is an analysis of all three.

Fernando Valenzuela

Fernando Valenzuela is a new addition to the game and has an overall rating on 93, which is pretty impressive. However, when you look closely this is not a card that you would want to pick as the stats show that the player has a primary screwball, 99 PCLT and 99 Break, but screwball are not the most reliable in the game unless you get it in the corner every time. Fernando Valenzuela throws just the four pitches and two of them are curveball. He has a velocity of 92mph, which is just too easy to hit and unacceptable when compared to other players. He also does not have enough variation to puzzle players. He is a leftie which only adds to his disadvantage as there are players who play lefties too well. Overall, this is a card you would want to skip.

Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza is a great opinion and you could go with it. In fact, the competition between Mike Piazza and Kenny Lofton is quite close and choosing any one would not be a bad decision. The reason you would want Mike Piazza is because we do not have a catcher as part of the live series collection, so it’s a great opportunity to get a catcher early on in the game. Mike Piazza does come with certain caveats such as his swing is too slow, but once you get used to it this is a good addition to your team. You need to time the swing and once you play a bit with him and get the timing right, the ball can go a long way. He has some good stats too. So, if you are interested in Mike Piazza, go for it.

Kenny Lofton

Kenny Lofton is the best player in all three you can take in the 1st Inning Program in MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty. The first thing we notice with this card is the diamond defence and 98 Speed. That’s incredible rare at this stage in the game. Kenny Lofton is an overall 93, has an incredible swing, and 90+ contact on both sides. He is just a great card overall and you should be going with him. So, the best player we suggest that you choose is Kenny Lofton. If you want to go with the other players let us know why in the comments.       

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