MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty: Conquest Tips & Hidden Rewards Maps

MLB The Show 21 features a unique challenge and several other benefits, thanks to the hidden rewards found in Conquest maps. Conquest is a very exciting and exclusive game mode that offers a variety of rewards. Many of the rewards you will get by completing goals and some can also be acquired by finding them on the maps. Here in the following guide, we have given ultimate Conquest tips with every detail of the hidden rewards maps.

Conquest Tips & Hidden Rewards Maps in MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

Here are some of the best pro tips which will be helpful to complete Conquest easily in MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.

1. Do the practice first

Since this is the Diamond Dynasty mode, the players are real MLB rosters. So, before you take All-Star difficulty, make sure to play the exact game and do some practice outside of Conquest mode. Thus, you will have the proper experience.

2. Play the game in Dark Mode

The default setting has a scenic and clear sky but as a pro player, it is advisable to play in the Dark Mode so you can see the white ball clearly and so it will be easier to pick up and hit.

3. Always move in a Spiral

The more territory your team will cover, the more fans you will get. But many times, they will make a mistake when they go to the enemy hometowns. These are well-protected positions and so you need huge numbers of fans to defeat. So, if you’re moving on to enemy territory, it is advisable to make a spiral around the hometown hex.

4. Start with easy maps

You should start with easy maps and finish those hard ones at the last. When you’ll start with easy ones, you will get enough experience, card packs, and stubs. These all will build up the core roster. So, use all of these advantages before you move on to the Inning Diamond map.

5. Do not stock of many Reinforcements

It is useless if you will spend a lot of fans on defense. So, it is better to keep a strong offense. It is fine if you will keep just 1 fan per square. In case a big and bad team attacks on the square, you can move the fans from offense to defense for a single round and when you conquer the attack, you can send them back. 

Hidden Rewards Maps

Following are the details of all the hidden rewards from the 6 Conquest maps. The total you will earn 7,250 Stubs, 850 XP, 19 Standard Packs, 4 Ballin’ Packs, and the Ricky Henderson card.

1. First Inning Diamond: 500 Stubs, 100 XP, 2 Standard Packs, 1 Ballin’ Pack

2. #42 Challenge: 450 Stubs, 750 XP, 4 Standard Packs

3. Mystery Map: 300 Stubs, 1 Standard Pack, Rickey Henderson card (75)

4. East Affinity: 2,000 Stubs, 4 Standard Packs, 1 Ballin’ Pack

5. Central Affinity: 2,000 Stubs, 4 Standard Packs, 1 Ballin’ Pack

6. West Affinity: 2,000 Stubs, 4 Standard Packs, 1 Ballin’ Pack

You can earn more than these rewards if you will work on Programs in MLB The Show 21. To get more information, go to the ‘View Program’ in the Diamond Dynasty menu.

Apart from these in-game rewards, it is also possible that you can buy Stubs at US$1 per 1,000. But we advise you to earn from in-game Conquest hidden rewards as they are challenging.

That’s everything you need to know about Diamond Dynasty Conquest Tips and Hidden Rewards Maps in MLB The Show 21.

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