MLB The Show 21 – Complete 3rd Inning Pizza Conquest Guide

The 3rd Inning conquest is out in MLB The Show 21 and it offers a lot of new rewards, items this time. Also, it offers a chance at 3 new Program bosses. The structure of this program is a bit like a piece of Pizza and so it is called 3rd Inning Pizza Conquest. Since this program a bit tricky, here we have provided a complete 3rd Inning Pizza Conquest guide.

Complete 3rd Inning Pizza Conquest Guide in MLB The Show 21

XP plays an important role to complete inning conquests. In MLB The Show 21, there are several ways to earn XP. Simply play various modes and earn XP after every game. It also includes Road to the Show which is the fastest way to get more XPs.

In addition, complete Daily Missions as well as Program Mission. For, 3rd Inning Pizza Conquests, you can complete the following 3 Program Missions for XP.

The very first Conquest map had 5 strongholds. But, in Pizza Conquest Map, you need to play at least 1 extra game additionally. In this, you will get at least 5 The Show Packs and a Ballin’ Is A Habit pack.

So far, this is the standard and later more will be included in this month.

1. Win 10 games in competitive online modes to earn 5,000 XP.

2. Tally 20 strikeouts with any Legend of Flashback pitchers in online modes for 7,500 XP.

3.Tally 15 home runs with Topps Now or Monthly Awards players in online modes for 5,000 XP.

It is also important to note that on certain spots of the map, it will give you some hidden rewards. In total, you will get 1,000 Stubs, 2 Standard Packs, and 10 Headliners Packs.

Also, complete a collection featuring the 3 2nd inning bosses and earn 50,000 XP. Furthermore, enter and complete the 3rd Inning Pizza Conquest and earn 25,000 XP.

This new program will be ended in 28 days from the date of launch i.e. 4th June and there are 3 new bosses will be available at 350,000 XP.

That’s the complete 3rd Inning Pizza Conquest Guide of MLB The Show 21.

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