MLB The Show 21: Baserunning Survival Guide Tips & Tricks | Controls

MLB The Show 21 is one of the recent games launched on several gaming platforms. In MLB The Show 21, Baserunning handles how your players make the dash from base to base to make runs after a hit. You need to adjust controls of baserunning every time and so you will want to adjust it to the default control at first. Along with mastering in hitting and pitching, baserunning is also one of the most important parts to grow in the game and so, here we have provided a complete Baserunning Survival Guide, Controls, and Tips and Tricks.

Baserunning Survival Guide, Controls, and Tips and Tricks:

Let’s discuss about the best methods and suggestions for baserunning in MLB The Show 21.

In this game, it is advisable to keep your eye on other bases and also check that other runners are also advancing as you definitely do not want to advance a runner unintentionally to an occupied base.

Also, it is important to note that there would not be 2 runners on a single base, and if you will do it, then one of them will be tagged out immediately by the other team.

If you are still not comfortable to get on the base, you should first learn our Hitting guide of MLB The Show 21.

Default Baserunning Controls:

Here are the baserunning controls which you can set to the default controls for this game.

– Steal All Runners: Xbox-LT | PS – L2

– Steal Early: Xbox – LT (Hold and Release) | PS – L2 (Hold and Release)

– Lead Off Individual Runner: Xbox – LB + LS (direction of runner) | PS – L1 + LS (direction of runner)

– Stop Runner: Xbox – RT | PS – R2

– Return Individual Runner: Xbox – RB + LS (direction of runner) | PS – R1 + LS (direction of runner)

– Steal Individual Runner: Xbox – LT + LS (direction of runner) | PS – L2 + LS (direction of runner)

– Lead Off All Runners: Xbox – LB | PS – L1

– Advance/Return Individual Runner: PS – O, ▢, △ + LS (direction of runner)

– Return All Runners: Xbox – RB | PS – R1

That’s everything you need to know Baserunning Survival Guide Tips, Tricks, and Controls.

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