Minecraft – How to Walk Over Powder Snow

Minecraft - How to Walk Over Powder Snow

Power Snow in Minecraft World is a trap block that can be acquired from Cauldrons. It naturally generates in Mountain Groves and Snowy Slopes. There is surely a lot of fun to collect snow in a Cauldron or place snow in the bucket, but if you will be careless, it can be harmful. Also, Powder Snow can make you slow while walking on it, and will be tough to escape from it. So, here we have come up with a complete guide on how to walk over Powder Snow in Minecraft. Let’s check it out.

How to Walk Over Powder Snow in Minecraft    

The best way to walk over Powder Snow without any trouble is to put on a pair of leather boots. When you will wear these leather boots, you can naturally and easily move through the Powder Snow. But make sure to have a quick jump on the boots while wearing or you will start gliding if they were any other block further.

So, the trick is, in order to wear the boots properly, you need to jump on them. And if you won’t jump, you will be continuing to move through and will get stuck in the Powder Snow blocks.

Also, make sure to wear Leather Armor since it is the only best thing that prevents yourself from freezing and so it will save you.

Gratefully, after wearing Leather Armor and Leather Boots, you will not get any damage because of the freezing but your movement will be slowed notably.

But are you wondering how to get a pair of leather boots in the snowy biome? Do not worry! It is quite simple to get them. You need to collect 4 pieces of Leather or you can combine 2 pairs of moderately damaged leather boots and create a pair on your own.

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