Minecraft – How to Craft and Use Chains

 Minecraft – How to Craft and Use Chains

In Minecraft, you can create or decorate parts of your structures with various equipment, but to craft them you need the right materials. One of the decorative items you can create are chains, and you can place them around your structure in the latest 1.19 update. In this guide, we will see how to craft and use chains in Minecraft.

Minecraft – How to Craft and Use Chains

To craft any item, you need to have the right materials for it. Here we will see how to craft and use chains in Minecraft.

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Creating chains and other decorative materials can help enhance your building. To craft chains, you will need one iron ingot and two iron nuggets. You can create iron ingots and iron nuggets once you get iron ore, and you can find plenty of iron ores upon mining them. You can find iron ore in any Y-level mining area, and use a higher material pickaxe. Now all that is left is to smelt the iron ore to get iron nuggets. You can use a furnace to smelt it.

To get iron ingots, you need 9 iron nuggets to craft one iron ingot. You can use the crafting table and place 9 iron nuggets to get the iron ingot. You can now create a chain. In the crafting menu, place two iron nuggets, one on the top middle box and the other in the bottom middle box. Place the iron ingot in the middle to create a chain.

Chains can be used to hang bells or lanterns of any type and don’t need any supporting block to suspend them. It can be placed anywhere in your structure, and can also be rotated. If needed, they can also be used as bridges, but only if you have the skill to cross them. If you wish to not take the time to craft chains, you can find them in the bastion remnants, ruined portals, and sometimes in mineshafts.

That’s all there is to know about crafting chains in Minecraft. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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