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Minecraft Dungeons New DLC ‘Jungle Awakens’ and ‘Creeping Winter’ Release Dates and Info

Minecraft Dungeons New DLC Jungle Awakens

It’s been just two weeks since the launch of Minecraft Dungeons and although we already knew about the two DLC releases planned this calendar year, more news on it was unexpected. But given the overwhelming response to the game, it’s no doubt the developers are eager to get the ball rolling and release the new content – Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter.

This week a leak reveled two screenshot of the future locations in the game. Although, the screenshots do not present much info about the gameplay, they do give us an idea about the design elements and the feel.

At this point, you should know that the two DLC updates will only be available to players who have purchased the Hero Edition of the game.  However, there is also free content that will be released for everyone. We will talk about it later in the post.

In a post on the Minecraft Official website, they shared quite some details about the new locations in the game. The Jungle Awakens is set to be released in July, so not much time to wait for it. Jungle Awakens would have three new missions where you would be set on a completely new quest to defeat an entirely new villain. The update will bring new gear, armor, and artifacts. The above image of the post is the leaked screenshot of Jungle Awakens.

Minecraft Dungeons New DLC 'Creeping Winter'

After you are done with Jungle Awakens, you have the Creeping Winter set to be released in September. As the name suggest and confirmed by the leaked screenshot, Creeping Winter is a frigid location that will bring its own levels and a new boss. You can also expect new gear, armor, and artifact. Here is the screenshot of Creeping Winters.

If you thought that was all we have in Minecraft Dungeons this year, you are wrong, the developers are working on introducing Crossplay to the game and additional free content that everyone can enjoy irrespective of their game edition.

If you have finished the game several times, this is not the end, far from it really. After the two updates there may be more that follow, but only time will tell. That’s all we have for now.        

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