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Mega Man X Dive Tier List – Best Characters for July 2022

Mega Man X Dive: Character Tier List for June 2022

Mega Man X DiVE, also known as Rockman X DiVE in Taiwan and Japan, is a Mega Man X series action-platforming video game created by Capcom Taiwan for iOS, Android, and Steam.

The plot takes place in cyberspace in a location known as “Deep Log,” which includes game data information and memories of people having fun with the games. Each game and participant in the globe has a Deep Log, which has been saved and controlled for decades. After all this time, corruption and other issues may have resulted in certain software faults.

Our Mega Man X DIVE / Rockman X DIVE Characters Tier List and Reroll guide will teach you all you need to know about choosing the finest characters. This game is now available for both major mobile platforms. With almost 80 playable characters and varying powers, you’ll want to reroll or ponder who the greatest character is.

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Character Tier List: Mega Man X Dive

Following are the characters in the Mega Man X Dive ranked from SS-Tier (best) to C-Tier (average) in the game.

Tier RankingName of the Character
SS TierCinnamon
SS TierFalcon Armor X
SS TierFirst Armor X
SS TierSuper Bass
SS TierSwimsuit Roll
SS TierThird Armor X
SS TierTron Bonne
SS TierValentines Day Iris
SS TierZero Nightmare
S+ TierAwakened Zero
S+ TierBlack Zero
S+ TierCopy X
S+ TierFerham
S+ TierHarpuia
S+ TierHunter V (Sinister)
S+ TierIris -another-
S+ TierMegaMan Volnutt Alt.
S+ TierProto Man
S+ TierProtoMan.EXE
S+ TierSwimsuit Iris
S+ TierUltimate Armor X
S+ TierUltimate Armor X (CM)
S+ TierWhite Day Axl
S+ TierX (Rising Fire Ver.)
S+ TierZero
S+ Tierχ-kai-
S TierAbsolute Zero
S TierBass GS
S TierBass.EXE
S TierBridal Alia
S TierBridal Layer
S TierCiel
S TierDark MegaMan.EXE
S TierHalloween Vile
S TierHunter R (Kamura)
S TierMagma Dragoon
S TierMarino
S TierMega Man
S TierOmega
S TierRiCO
S TierSecond Armor X
S TierSigma
S TierSigma (X4 2nd form)
S TierValentines Day Ciel
S TierWhite Day Alia
S TierWhite Day Cinnamon
A TierAile
A TierAxl
A TierBass
A TierColonel
A TierFestive Zero
A TierHalloween Marino
A TierIris
A TierLayer
A TierLeviathan
A TierMegaMan.EXE
A TierNew Year Cinnamon
A TierPandora
A TierRathalos Armor X
A TierRoll Caskett
A TierSwimsuit Layer
A TierSwimsuit Tron
A TierX
B TierBit
B TierChristmas Leviathan
B TierHalloween Aile
B TierMega Man (Thunder Beam Ver.)
B TierRoll
B TierSwimsuit Ferham
B TierVile
B TierVile MK-II
B TierZero (Z)
C TierAlia
C TierMassimo
C TierMegaMan Volnutt
C TierPallette
C TierServbot
C TierSuper Mega Man
C TierSwimsuit Pallette

So that was everything about the Mega Man X Dive Tier List. You may now decide which characters to include in your team. Check our Tier List guide for more information on other games.

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