“Medarot S” x “Evangelion” Collaboration Starting January 5th

 “Medarot S” x “Evangelion” Collaboration Starting January 5th

Imagineer has announced that Medarot S and Evangelion will enter a collaboration starting January 5th. Medarot S is a “Gacha” RPG that will feature six types of aircraft and collaboration costumes, with the first machine as a motif appears.

A gacha RPG, Medarot S features a story mode in which you can upgrade your Medarots and unlock new parts. It has a 3v3 battle system that is very similar to the main-line Medarot RPGs. And, Evangelion is a Japanese mecha anime TV show. Pilots and Nerv members of Evangelion attempt to prevent Angels from causing more cataclysms in the series, which explores their emotions and experiences.

Between Medarot S and Evangelion, a limited robot collaboration will be held from 15:00 on January 5th to 14:59 on January 26th. In addition to collecting replacement items, you can also seek out medallotters wearing collaboration costumes and business card backgrounds with limited designs by challenging this and collecting replacement items.

During the event, all 6 collaboration medabots with the motif of the popular anime “Evangelion” will appear, and in the scenario “Medarot S” collaborative aircraft will co-star with medabots. Here’s the list of all 6 collaborations for the event:

  • Medabots with motifs of popular characters will be found.
  • There will be a limited-edition Medarot pick-up gacha in which collaboration-limited aircraft will be discharged.
  • You can get luxurious rewards as part of a collaboration-limited Robottle event.
  • A collaboration costume with Evangelion appears on Meda Lotter.
  • Using the “Custom Skin” function, you can dress up in collaboration-limited designs.
  • A campaign will be organised by lottery to get the original goods.

Here is all about the collaboration between “Medarot S” and “Evangelion.” Make sure to keep the dates in mind and make sure not to miss it. 

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