Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush – How to Quickly Unlock New Courses


Mario Golf: Super Rush introduces several features with many exciting modes such as Story Mode, Speed Golf, and a lot more. Also, players will need to unlock a range of courses. Before launching, players were expecting that the new series would introduce a range of new courses, but unfortunately, there are only 6 courses that you need to unlock in this new version. Technically, there are a total of 7 courses but the last one is a substantially indoor course and smaller than the other courses which can only be used as Battle Golf. And also, you can’t use that to play an 18-hole game. So, we will discuss the 6 courses only. Let’s find out how to quickly unlock new courses in this Mario Golf: Super Rush?

How to quickly unlock new courses in this Mario Golf: Super Rush

At the beginning of the game, you will already have an unlocked ‘Rookie Course’. In order to unlock the remaining 5, the following are the details.

1. Bonny Greens: This is a traditional golf course with some risks. In order to unlock this, you will need to play 18 Holes on Rookie Course.

2. Ridgerock Lake: This one is the windy cliffside course that you need to complete 18 Holes on Bonny Greens to unlock.

3. Balmy Dune: This course is all about a desert course which you need to play 18 Holes on Ridgerock Lake to unlock.

4. Wildweather Woods: This one is the forest course with lightning and rain, that you will need to complete 18 Holes on Balmy Dunes Lake to unlock.

5. Bowser Highlands: This is a volcanic course that has a lot of o hazards with several lava pools. To unlock this course, you need to complete 18 Holes on Wildweather Woods.

Each of these courses provides a different environment to play in. However, there are several other environments which you can explore such as in the clouds, underground, or underwater to enjoy this game to the fullest!

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