Madden NFL 22 Pre-Order Rewards Missing and Trial Expiring Before Time

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Madden NFL 22 will have a release date of 20th August 2021 across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. However, the early access is already released on 17th August. However, EA has offered a 10-hour Free Trial on 12th August. Also, for those players who have pre-ordered this game before 20th August, EA has offered players several rewards including Power-Up and a Strategy Item in their Ultimate Team.

Unsurprisingly, many of the fans have already pre-ordered the game but they are now reporting that they are not able to find rewards in their Madden Ultimate Team. Several players are reporting that they didn’t receive any MVP Pre Order Packs. The same issues occurred last year as well when EA offered the same perks while releasing Madden NFL 21.

Luckily, this time devs have already acknowledged this issue and Tweeted that they are working on the same.

This is not enough, another major issue experienced by many players. Even though EA offered a 10-hour free trial, but unfortunately, this trial got expired before time and so many players are frustrated for this reason. One of the players reported that he has hardly played this game for 30 minutes and the message pops up saying he has only 5 hours left. And this is not the one case, there are several players who have reported the same issues on different forums on the internet.

However, EA has also acknowledged this issue and said that they are aware of this issue as well and it seems some technical issues and will get resolved soon. Hopefully, we will have a solution for both of these critical issues.

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