Madden 22 – Which to Use Hard Flats vs. Soft Squats vs. Cloud Flats

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

In Madden 22, mainly there are 3 types of zone coverage – Cover 2 has two deep zones, Cover 3 has three deep zones, and Cover 4 that has 4 deep zones. When a player selects a zone coverage, each defender assigns to a particular zone. Madden 22 offers several new improvements in such a way that computer-controlled defenders play the zones. As far as light blue shades concern, players have 3 zones Hard Flats, Soft Squats, and Cloud Flats. But what are the differences between these three and which to use Hard Flats vs. Soft Squats vs. Cloud Flats? Following are the details.

Which to Use Hard Flats vs. Soft Squats vs. Cloud Flats in Madden 22

It is very crucial to know about all of these three zones so you will get to know when and where to use them.

1. Hard Flats: These zones can be used to prevent short passes such as hitting a very tight end in the running backs or flats on fast table routes. When you need to cover flats on the short-yardage circumstances for example 3rd and 2.

2. Soft Squats: If a player wants to cover deeper corner routs, then Soft Squats are ideal. The best time to use Soft Squats in the long-yardage situation for example is 3rd and 12.

3. Cloud Flats: These zones are common as players use these frequently. They can be used to cover some corner routs, curls routes, and out routs. In a medium yardage position, your opponent player can throw briefly to the flats but they’ll take up a few yards. If you want to use them, the example is on 1st and 10.

However, if you want to know which to use between these 3 options, well, essentially, hard flats are a great option for short-yardage circumstances. On the other hand, Soft Squats are ideal for long pass downs. And Cloud Flats can be considered in the middle of both of these zones.

That’s it for this guide on Which to Use Hard Flats vs. Soft Squats vs. Cloud Flats in Madden 22.

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