Madden 22 – How to Run an RPO Play

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

In Madden NFL 22, RPO is back once again. RPO stands for Run Pass Option and that has its placement in the Madden 22 playbooks. This is one type of plays in which you will need to make a split choice on whether you need to create a hand-off to your running back or want to keep the ball with the quarterback for passing or running play. To have all the options available for a Run Pass Option, it is important to how to use it. Many new players don’t have an idea how to run an RPO and so here we have created a complete guide. Let’s check it out:

How to Run an RPO Play in Madden 22

In order to run an RPO in Madden 22, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. First of all, you will need to go to the Play call screen.

2. Here you need to go to the tab of Play Type in order to find out an RPO play. 

3. Scroll down and you will search for the RPO. Remember that the RPO number which you will get here, that will be depended on the playbook which you’re using. Some players use more RPOs while others have hardly any of such plays.

4. Now press X for PS and A for Xbox and select a Run Pass Option play and thus, the play will be started.

5. Here the things will get tougher a bit. Now, you will have the option to throw out a pass or run with RPO plays which will be differed from traditional play except you will call an audible. So, your option will be locked once you select it. Run Pass Option play will be set as a defaulting as a run play. However, if you need to throw, you will need to find an open receiver and sling it quickly before the Quarter Backhands them off to the running back.

Although, the play can be a tougher RPO has many benefits. On the other hand, the Run Pass option can get your AI defender off their guards quickly and it will make things difficult for the opponent players to reduce down the offense.

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