Lost Settlement Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winters Secret Mission Guide

Lost Settlement Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winters Secret Mission Guide

Unlike the previous secret missions in the original Minecraft Dungeons and the Jungle DLC, the secret mission in Creeping Winters is quite extensive and complicated. It’s called the Lost Settlement. At the end of the quest you will find the Lost Settlement scroll behind a door in a small room at the bottom of water. Confused already, don’t worry we have got you covered, stick around and we will show you how to unlock Lost Settlement in this Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winters secret mission guide.

With the new DLC, Minecraft Dungeons adds quite a bit of functionality to the game including new daily missions to keep players engaged even after they have completed the game. The new DLC brings 3 new levels and much more.

Lost Settlement Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winters Secret Mission Guide

In order to unlock the Lost Settlement, you need to start with Frosted Fjord and keep heading in the direction the quest markers guide. Like the previous DLC, you can expect a ton of mobs. You can choose to fight them and take things slow or speed run and get to your objective quicker. I personally like taking things slow and killing everything in the way.

Keep following the quest markers through the icy valley until you come upon a gate. When you reach the gate fight the mobs that spawn and the screen with update a new objective – Survive The Ambush. That says it all, you need to survive the mobs and cannot proceed without cleaning them.

Once you have dissipated with the mobs, the gate will come down and the new objective will update – Rejoin the River. Go past the door and keep following the quest markers. Without going much further, you will come across three pillars with buttons. Hit the three buttons in any order and a door with open, go through the door and you will come up in a new area.

At this point, pull up the overlay map and keep following the quest markers a little further. The map respawns every time, so I cannot provide an exact of how the map looks. After going forward, you will come across an interaction where you can choose to go either way. One way leads to the quest objective and the other way. You would want to choose the path that goes away from the quest objective.

Eventually, you will come up on a big square room with waterfalls and you can see a door with bright light like the previous door you entered to reach this level. There will be a chest before the door, loot the chest and go through the door.

You will come up on a new area. Right up after a few steps, you will see another door, but you can’t get through it. Proceed further along the path. It’s a tight area, so you will have to kill the mobs in the way. Cross the river over a small bridge and keep going. You will again come upon an icy gate, but you can’t get through it. Follow the bridge right next to the gate and hit the wench at the drawbridge and it will bring the gate down and drain the water.

As you enter the valley, there will be mobs you will have to fight. Once you clear the mobs, climb up the stairs and there will be an icy door, it will unlock automatically. If you don’t kill the mobs, this door won’t unlock. Keep heading forward and eventually you will come up on another door. Go right through it and you will come up on yet another new area.

You cannot escape the mobs, you will have to kill them and uncover the button on the stairs. Step on the button and it will open a gate. Head further and use the launch pads to go over to the other side with a button. Hit the button and it will drain the water on the floor revealing a door.

Go through the door and you have unlocked the Lost Settlement secret scroll. Here is a video to help you through the process that may not have been apparent in the guide.

While playing the Creeping Winters, be careful of enemies that freeze you. It can slow you down and make you more vulnerable. Dodge the ice block that appears on your head while fighting enemies, it has a similar freezing effect. This is especially important when you are speed running as your speed with be compromised.   

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