Lost Ark – How to Complete The Forest Where Fairies Sing

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

Lost Ark has plenty of quests and side missions you can pick up for some extra rewards, and completing them is well worth your time. One of the sides quests you can pick up later on in the game is the Forest where Fairies Sing, where you have to find a fairy on Lullaby Island to obtain the music sheet. In this guide, we will see how to complete this quest in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark – How to Complete the Side Quest The Forest Where Fairies Sing

This side quest is long and winding, but completing it is well worth your time to get the ultimate reward. Here we will see how to complete the Forest where Fairies Sing side quest in Lost Ark.

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To start the quest, head over to Lullaby Island. You need to be level 50 and above to pick up purple quests. Once you land on Lullaby Island, find the Traveler Eclipse to start the side quest. There are three parts to this quest, and in each part, you have to select the correct reply to give to the fairy and progress through the quest.

The Forest Where Fairies Sing Solution in Lost Ark

After talking to the Traveler Eclipse and picking up the quest, head to the east side of the map to hear the fairy sing. Walk towards the marked location to interact with her. You should choose the following options.

  • Whistle.
  • Wait.
  • Whistle again.

This will end the first part of the side quest and you can start the next section.

I Can Hear You Solution in Lost Ark

The fairy will move to a different location. Track her down by hearing her sing, then interact with her to give the following replies.

  • Put down the shiny pebble.
  • Remember me?
  • It’s a gift.
  • Wait quietly.

After that, the fairy will move again to another location, and it will trigger the final part of the quest.

It’s Okay Miss Fairy Solution in Lost Ark

Meet the fairy in her final location and give the following replies. You can find her north from the second location, just past the arch.

  • Just watch.
  • Listen with your back to her.
  • I’m listening.
  • I’ll look for one.
  • Sure.
  • No worries. I’m an adventurer.

After the final encounter, a secret passage will open up on the far east side of the map. But before you head over there, you need to have the Song of Resonance at your disposal. If the secret entrance is open, head inside to continue the quest. If you find it closed, then you need to wait an hour and 20 minutes for it to open. It opens every day at this particular time duration. 

Once you are inside, head down the passage and play the Song of Resonance on the Magic Melody marker. You have to keep playing the tune till the event is over. After that, you will get the Chest of Sleeping Songs as a reward, and you can claim it from your inventory. Check the chest to get the Voice of the Forest. 

You need to repeat the entire questline two more times, then talk to the Traveler Eclipse to hand over the Voice of the Forest and get the Forest Minute music sheet.

Why didn’t I receive the Chest of Sleeping Songs? 

If you didn’t get the Chest of Sleeping Songs, then you should check whether the event was not overpopulated with players, as only the first 30 players who play the tune will get the reward. 

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