Loop Hero – How to Get Health Potions and Use it

Loop Hero is the new strategic RPG that’s topping the Steam chart and currently standing second below Valheim. The game has an overwhelming review and an awesome game to play on a second monitor. As the game starts, the Hero will have to battle all type of monster that increase in strength as you progress. At some point, you will want to start using potions, but you have to unlock them first. The potions in the game provide healing effect and once you have unlocked and have it in the inventory, it will automatically get used when you require it. There are various ways you can get health potions in the game. Stick with us and we will show you how to unlock health potions in Loop Hero.

How to Get Health Potions in Loop Hero

To unlock or get the health potions in Loop Hero, you first have to unlock the Herbalist’s Hut at the camp. It’s one of the first buildings you can unlock in the game. To make the Herbalist’s Hut at your base, you require resources such as 2 Persevered Wood, 3 Persevered Stone, and 4 Food Supplies. Getting the resources is not difficult at all, simply follow your loop and plant the cards in the area.

To get the Persevered Wood, go through the Groves in the loop trials and you will get stable branches. Collecting twelve of them becomes the Persevered Wood.

To get Persevered Stone, you require 10 pebbles, which can be earned by placing Rock Cards. When you have 10 pebbles, they become one Persevered Stone.

For Food Supply, you simply have to walk through Meadows and earn ration. 12 rations become one Food Supply.

A quick way to get a lot of resources is to place the treasury card in the loop and surround it with Rocks, Meadows, and Mountains. So, collect the resources and unlock the Herbalist’s Hut. Once it’s unlocked, you will earn two potions after the end of each loop.   

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