Loop Hero – How to Beat the Lich

Loop Hero has four bosses that we know of at the time of writing this post – The Lich, The Priestess, The Hunter, and Omega. The Lich is the first boss you will encounter. Boss encounters in the game happen after you have filled the boss encounter bar at the top-left corner of the screen. It’s below the Day Meter and has the skull icon. Once you have filled the meter, at the end of the loop you will have the boss fight. The Lich is one of the most reoccurring boss and you need to prepare for the boss with proper cards and items. Stick with the post and we will show you how to beat Lich in Loop Hero.

How to Beat the Lich in Loop Hero

One of the fastest ways to reach a boss encounter is to kill as many enemies as possible. Defeating a boss rewards you with a lot of items and resources that you normally can’t get in normal loops, so you would want to trigger it at the end of each run. If you trigger the boss fight in your first loop, the fight with the Lich will be easier, the longer the bar takes to fill, the stronger the boss will get.

Some cards you can use to spawn mobs and fill the boss counter is the Spider Cocoon and Chrono crystals. They are not difficult to handle and can get your meter up fast. The more cards you use the faster the boss meter will fill. Also, use other cards that spawn varied types of other monsters. The goal here is to use as many cards as possible so the boss meter fills up quickly and the fight is easy for you.

Before fighting the boss ensure that you have a good array of cards. These are the cards you must have.

Blood GroveMountainOblivionVillageSpider Cocoon

When the fight starts, one of the key things to note is the Lich Palaces. They give the boss bonuses whenever he deals damage. You can limit the number of palaces that spawn with him by crowding your camp area with things. Use the Oblivion card on the palaces that spawn with the boss.

During the fight, two of the key stats to keep a notice of is Evasion and Damage. You need to evade quite a bit of hit as the damage dealt by the Lich is pretty high. A 45+% Evasion will allow you to defeat the boss comfortably. Besides the two stats, also keep an eye on Vampirism, there are various builds and you need to test a bit to find the most viable option.

When going for the items, focus on the ones that target a particular stat rather than going for the high rarity items. Healing is important and for that you must have unlocked the Herbalist’s Hut. It’s one of the few structures you can unlock early in the game. Once the structure is unlocked, you get two potions at the end of each loop, which can be a game changer in defeating the Lich in Loop Hero.    

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