Lewdle Word Today Answer (March 2, 2023)

Antara B
Antara B

Lewdle is an online word puzzle that has gained massive popularity among word puzzle lovers within a very short time. Lewdle is almost the same as Wordle; the only difference between them is that Lewdle only has ‘lewd’ words. Otherwise, it also gives players a single word per day and six chances to guess it correctly. In addition, Lewdle is a free game that doesn’t need any registration to play. Currently, there is no app available for this game. Instead, visit Lewdlegame.com website to play this puzzle.

If you are interested to know the Lewdle solution of 2 March 2022, this guide will definitely help you.

Solution to Lewdle 2 March 2022 – Correct Answer

Lewdle is a word puzzle that only consists of nasty and vulgar words. It is developed by Garry Whitta, a Journalist and screenwriter. If you are looking for the Lewdle answer, then you are definitely a Lewdle player. So, you already know the rules of playing this game. Let me revise it for you once again. Lewdle doesn’t provide any initial clues before you start guessing the word. Therefore, you need to start with a random word to get some clues from the puzzle.

Once you put your word, the puzzle highlights the letters as Green, Yellow, or Grey. These colors have their significance. Green letters indicate that the letters are in the original word and placed correctly; Yellow Letters suggest that these letters are in the word but put in the wrong places. Lastly, the grey letters indicate that these letters are not in the original word. To proceed and guess further, players need to observe these hints carefully. But make sure to think some rude or obscene kind of words.

Today, on March 2, 2023, the Lewdle answer is HIMBO. Shart is a word that doesn’t need any explanation. Everyone knows the meaning of the term HIMBO. If you are unaware of the meaning, the puzzle gives you a chance to Google the word to see the definition after you guess it correctly within the allotted chances.

How to Get More Chances in Lewdle

Lewdle is one of the famous word puzzles of recent times. But the only problematic thing is Lewdle only provides 6 chances to guess the word. Because there were no initial clues, players often failed to guess the actual word within the allotted 6 chances. We have brought a good opportunity for the players to get some more chances. Below, we are writing the steps to get some more chances in Lewdle-

  1. Open your Lewdle puzzle with Incognito
  2. Once you run out of all the six chances, close all the Incognito windows (in some cases, you can close your browser as well)
  3. Open your browser (if you have closed it) and a new incognito window.
  4. Go to the Lewdlegame.com Website (link given above) and open Lewdle.
  5. You’ll get a new blank puzzle to solve.

This above-mentioned method worked for us quite well. So we hope it’ll work for you as well.

That’s all you need to know about the Lewdle answer of March 2, 2023. If you are looking for a guide to get the answer, check out our guide. If you still have some chances left, place the correct word HIMBO to solve the puzzle. But if you are already run out of chances, don’t get upset. You’ll get a new word and six new chances tomorrow.

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