Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Rot Spirit Locations

Kena Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Rot Spirit Locations

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an adventure game developed by Ember Lab. The game’s story revolves around a little, magical girl Kena who uses her powers to help dead people go to the spirit world. The players use Kena’s magical equipment to attack the enemies and to defend themselves as well. Their task is to collect the small spirit companions, called Rot, who help them fight with enemies.

  One of the most important things you can do in this game is finding the Rots and add them according to the ranks to form an army. It will cheer up their courage to fight, which is essential for defeating a powerful enemy. You can find these Rot spirits all over the world. This guide will help you find out the Rot spirits in Taro’s tree.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Rot Spirit Locations

 Many of the spirits have actually lost their ways or fled away. So they need Kena’s help. So after you make your way through the village, move towards the Taro’s Forest. You’ll find seven Rot spirits there, though their locations are not easy to find out. Below are the places where you can find them-

The Corrupted Tree

 To turn the Rot spirits to their original shape, you need a Forest Tear. You will get this Forest Tear after fighting off a large number of enemies around the corrupted tree. Meanwhile, destroy the corruption to find some stone tablets and use your spirit pulse to make spirits appear.

Under Leaf Piles

Search for the piled leaves nearby once you use your first Forest Tear and find the first Rot spirit. It is a huge pile of leaves, so it is impossible to be overlooked. Use your Rot Cloud there and blow down the pile to scatter those leaves. Underneath there is a log; let your Rot move that log and save the Rot spirit under it.

Precarious Ledge

If you head right from the forest entrance, you’ll come across the bud of a Forest Tear. The right side is blocked, so jump at the dirt on the left side and follow the way, and you’ll find climbing ledges there. This path will lead you to another platform with a rock. Lift the rock, and you’ll find the Rot Spirit under it.

Between the Trees

Now, if you move forward, you’ll see two massive trees. While coming from the forest, take the left turn but look to the right. There you’ll find some items hanging from the trees and a log surrounded by flowers. Use your Rot Spirits to find out the hidden spirit.

Three rocks

When you move further ahead, you’ll find three rocks lying on the ground. Two of them have enemies under them, and one has the Rot Spirit. Fight those two enemies to get the Rot.

Inside the Fruit

Now, if you turn back to the forest entrance, you’ll find a lantern hanging from a tree. It might be a lantern or a fruit. Under this lantern, you’ll find a rock covered with purple mushrooms. Use your Rot Spirits to lift the rock and uncover the Rot Spirit, or you can use your Spirit Pulse to make it appear.

The Waterfall

Now proceed forward to look for a tree that can be used as a ramp. While running on the tree, you can see a waterfall below. Jump down and search for a massive rock in front of the waterfall. Once you find it, use your Rot Spirits to left the rock up and save their friend.

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