Judge Dredd 95 Has Been Delisted From Steam

 Judge Dredd 95 Has Been Delisted From Steam

Even though the new year brought us news about the new Star Wars game from Ubisoft, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and other vital announcements, various video games were plugged out the first days of January. Among all these games, Judge Dredd 95 is one of the most popular. Read this guide, and you will find out everything that is known about the game and the official reason why the game was deleted from Steam.

Judge Dredd 95 Leaves Steam

The first announcement that Judge Dredd 95 will be delisted from Steam appeared on the internet on November 23. Developers reported that the main reason Judge Dredd 95 will be removed from all digital platforms is that license agreements are expired, and they can not support the game.

Even though the game was delisted, servers will not be shut down on January 1. Therefore, if you have already purchased the game, you will be able to access the game through the library.

Some people also report that developers can get all the necessary license agreements, and the game might return to Steam. Unfortunately, the chances that the game will be sold again are meager. Judge Dredd 95 is not a highly popular video game; it can boast millions of income like other games nowadays. So, there is no reason why Acclaim Studious London might continue working on the project.

That’s it with Judge Dredd 95. If you are a PC owner, there is no reason to worry about delisting the game. You can still download the game from various secondary websites,  even if it might be dangerous to your PC.

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