It Takes Two – How to Heal

Healing is a part of most game. In some, heal in auto i.e. you start to regain health automatically when you stop taking damage, in others, you have to obtain specific items in the game to apply healing. However, healing in It Takes Two is quite distinct from the other games you would have played and there are certain conditions to healing. So, if you are wondering how to heal in It Takes Two, we have got you covered. Just read through the guide.

How to Heal in It Takes Two

There are certain conditions to healing in It Takes Two. For one, you can’t heal in situations such as when you are stuck in water hazard or a pit during the platforming segments. If this is the situation, you will return to the last checkpoint and will have to repeat the steps that aren’t saved.

You also cannot heal, when both the characters are take large damage at the same time. If that happens, you will return to the last checkpoint and will have to start again.

Healing the health is possible when one of the characters loses all their health. In such a case, to heal in It Takes Two, all you have to do is press the Y button Xbox and Triangle on PlayStation repeatedly to revive the character.

So, it’s quite simple to heal in It Takes Two given only one of the characters have gone down. When both the characters are down, you will have to start from the last checkpoint.       

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