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Is There a Monthly Subscription in New World?

Is There Monthly Subscription in New World

New World has just launched and rocking with over 200K players within minutes of launch. Even with all the negativity in the Steam Forum, it seems Amazon Games has finally given a blockbuster game for fans to enjoy. Rarely do we see a game in this genre, but with such a big company behind the studio, the game can rival the likes of World of Warcraft and FFXIV. Currently, the game has amassed an already Very Positive review on Steam thanks to players who enjoyed the game during the betas. But, a question that must be on your mind – is New World a monthly subscription-based game, especially if you have played WoW and FFXIV. Keep reading and we will answer your question.

Is New World Monthly Subscription Based Game?

Both World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV follows the monthly subscription pricing that charges players every month to play the game. While the asking price each month is little, it can quickly build up and cost a whole lot than the purchase price of the game.

Another reason you should love New World is that it does not have a monthly subscription. You pay an upfront price of $40 for the Standard Edition and $50 for the Deluxe Edition. Once you pay the initial amount the game will not require you to pay anything, except for when you purchase items from the Shop such as accessories, skins, etc. same as your regular Battle Royale game.

While the game does not follow a subscription-based model, you may have to cough up money when the game introduces new content in the form of DLC, another thing that’s common in the gaming industry. So, there is no unexpected pricing in New World and you don’t have to worry about monthly subscriptions.

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