Is Forspoken Coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass

 Is Forspoken Coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass

Forspoken is the latest action role-playing by Square Enix, releasing on 24th January 2023. After the demo of the game, this curiosity only increased among players. Square Enix had taken a long-term publicity program for this game since it was announced in 2020. So, when a massively hyped game like Forspoken comes, players get excited about whether they can play the game on their platforms. So, this guide will help you know whether players can get Forspoken in Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

Can I Get Forspoken in Xbox and Xbox Game Pass? Answered

Forspoken was released only a few hours back, and players have already jumped into the game to explore everything possible. However, when big titles come, players want to get the game on every platform, and generally, they get the games on every platform, but some games are an exception. They come on particular platforms like Forspoken.

Since Forspoken was announced, Xbox players have become curious about whether the game will come on Xbox. If you also have the same query, let me tell you, no. Currently, Forspoken is a PlayStation and PC-exclusive game that Xbox players can’t get. From the beginning, the developers and publishers announced this game to come on PC and PS; in the near future, there’s no chance for the game to come on Xbox or Xbox Game Pass. However, Square Enix is a supporter of Xbox Game Pass, and their games generally release on Game Pass. So possibly, when Forspoken comes on Xbox, players get in on Game Pass. But that’s not within 2 years.

In Forspoken, players will play as a young protagonist Frey Holland who’s been taken from New York to a magical land ruled by Tantas. Her fighting with enemies, exploring the world, completing missions, etc., will help the story progress and reach the climax. Though this game is relatably shorter than other action-adventure games, the story is excellent, and the gameplay is worth it.

That’s all you need to know about whether players can get Forspoken in Xbox and Xbox Game Pass. Though currently, this game can’t available on Xbox, probably, it will come on Xbox after two years.


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