Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising – How to Get Ambrosia and Maximize Health

Immortals Fenyx Rising - How to Get Ambrosia

We all know Ambrosia from several other games, but they represent different things in different games. In Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ambrosia can be used to upgrade the health of Fenyx at the Hall of Gods. Needleless to say, it’s an important resource and you need a large quantity of it in order to progress and ultimately win the game. Stick around with us and we will tell you how to get Ambrosia in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

How to Get Ambrosia in Immortals Fenyx Rising and Maximize Health

Some of the best places to get Ambrosia in Immortals Fenyx Rising is to explore the open world, complete Hermes Chores, and in chests. Here is brief description of each way to obtain Ambrosia in the game.

Explore the Open World

The world of Immortals Fenyx Rising is vast and the Ambrosia can appear as blue, white, or purple crystal on the map. The best place to find Ambrosia is to climb to the top, for example, the highest point of an island, the top of a statue, etc. It can also be found around enemies, when you engage in a fight with an enemy, after the fight look around for the precious resource. Sometimes Ambrosia are easy to find, but most times you have to defeat some enemies, climb to the highest point, or travel to the location of the Ambrosia undetected. Use can use Far Sight feature of the game, which is R3 on the controller to spot it on the map.

Complete Tasks Requested by Hermes

When you start the game, Hermes will instruct you to complete certain tasks. You can accept the missions listed on the Hall of the Gods. All of these missions have rewards for completion and some offer the Ambrosia as reward, but as the mission are not live you do not electrum. In order to get electrum, you have compete live asks from Hermes. We will write another guide on how to get the precious resource. So, by completing tasks from Hermes early on in the game, you can get Ambrosia.

Open Chests

Chests offer a lot of things – weapons, armour, and sometimes ambrosia. Although, Ambrosia is not common in chests, you can get them in special chests that you find in main god vaults. These chests are not the usual ones you encounter both in size and what they contain.

How to Upgrade Health with Ambrosia in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Now that you know about the locations where you can find Ambrosia, let’s have a look at upgrading your health with it. When you have collected some Ambrosia, go to the Hall of Gods. It’s located in the Valley of Eternal Sprits. Interact with the cup at the Kylix of Athena. The cup has a red icon. Once you select to interact, the amount of Ambrosia on your will be listed on the upper right and the required amount will be listed on the lower left. In order to get full health, you will have to cash in 90 pieces of Ambrosia.

The game has plenty of Ambrosia, so, with the help of this guide and some searching you should be able to find the Ambrosia easily.      

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