Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Defeat Polyphemus the Enraged | Secret Of the Cyclops Quest Guide

In this walkthrough guide, we will help you find the Sirens’ Song lyre and ultimately defeat Polyphemus the Enraged in Immortals Fenyx Rising. We will guide you through the entire process of completing “The Secret of the Cyclops” quest in the game including finding collectibles, chests – both Epic and Guardian, completing objectives, and any gear that may be hidden.

After you have gone through the walkthrough and completed the game as per our guide, you will be able to locate the Gorgon Armor Set that includes items such as Wings of the Dreadful, Darkglare Mask, Blight axe, Infestation bow, Darkglare Plate, and Envy sword.

At the end of the guide, you will be able to solve the Constellation Challenge and defeat the boss, Polyphemus the Cyclops. Before we proceed with a more detailed guide, here is a synopsis of what lies ahead.

Detailed Guide on Secret of the Cyclops Quest and Polyphemus the Enraged Boss Fight

Once you start the game and after the intro battle, head east to the temple and to the cliff’s edge. Once there, you will proceed to collect Ambrosia. To do so, go to the edge of the cliff and turn right towards the statue with prominent outstretched arms. Pass through the stream and make your way up to the arm of the statue. When you reach her palm, you will be able to collect the Ambrosia and perform upgrades to improve the heath bar. The next quest in the mission is to go to the Island of the Sirens

Go to Island of the Sirens

After obtaining the Ambrosia, head back to the temple that has a blowing face and allow it to blow you to the structure with pillars. From here, you will fight your way to obtain the Envy Sword. You will have to battle and overcome three foes. The game will provide a tip to use parry against the enemies, but parry is most effective against the foe with the shield. When you parry with him, it will shun him momentarily providing you the time to open the chest for Envy to find the Envy Sword. The sword has a 22% probability of tripling damage during a Sword Air Combo.

Complete “Obtain the Sirens’ Song” Objective

Once the sword is collected, go east by gliding towards the beach. After landing, you will get the notification for the “Obtain the Sirens’ Song” objective. Keep climbing the stairs until you reach a wall. As you head up, you will come across Blue Mushrooms, collect them as you can turn them in for Stamina Potion later in the game.

Above the wall, there is a golden statue with Ambrosia on her palm. Like we did earlier, climb the status and grab the Ambrosia piece.

Keep going up the stairs and you will come across a water pool. You will again have to fight some enemies here. Defeat the enemies and collect any items that they drop. In the east, look for a goldish wall that’s falling. Hit the wall with your axe and it should fall allowing you to go inside. Once inside, get the Pomegranates. These can be turned in for health potions later.

You should be able to see a disc next to the gold statue of a goddess, stand on the disk. Fire an arrow at the target through the grate. A door on the right will open. Go through the door and get Golden Amber. With golden amber in your possession, you will be able to upgrade your potion-making abilities.

Keep going up and a tutorial on Stealth Attack will be provided. After you have finished the tutorial and the enemies are defeated, you can open the cheat that has Darkglare Mask and Darkglare Plate.The Darkglare Mask increases defense by 20% and the Darkglare Plate increases health by one.

Now, go back to the top of the stairs and turn south. You will see a wall, climb it and you will come across the Yellow Adamantine Shard. Once that’s collected, jump from the window and fly south towards the island’s highest point. You will find the Blue Adamantine Shard at the location. There are four types of Adamantine Shard in Immortals Fenyx Rising (Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Red), which you use to upgrade weapons in the game.

Now, return to the Island of the Sirens by gliding North.

From here, turn slightly right from the Plate Epic Chest and Darkglare Mask. Go down the path towards the edge of the cliff. Pull the big lever and glide to the southeast island. When you land at the foot of the statue, you will find a chest. Open it to find Blight, which is an axe with +45% damage to stunned enemies.

Identical to the lever you pulled earlier is another on this island, pull it and you will be taken back to the Island of the Sirens.

Follow the path where you spawn and before you reach the large structure there is a path on the right, follow the path and at the end there is a small cliff. Upon climbing the cliff, you will find some Purple Adamantine Shards.

After collecting the shards, follow the path and head to the island’s highest point. You will be able to see a large status, glide to the point where you took the right turn and you should be able to find some more Ambrosia.

Constellation Challenge Puzzle

Climb the stairs until you come upon a deer. Deal with the Rooster it turns into and you will able to see a golden platform with 16 holes. Solve the puzzle. You will see 16 holes on the ground and 3 blue balls on the front wall. There is also an answer key on the wall. Match the blue balls on the wall by placing the same on the ground. When you place the correct ball on the ground, the matching constellation or ball on the wall will light up.

You currently only have 3 balls, but the puzzle requires 5 balls to complete. You need to find the other 2 balls in order to complete the Constellation Challenge Puzzle in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Head north or right direction in order to find the other balls.

Find Missing Ball 1

Go to the right or the north direction from the puzzle, head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you will see a square, golden metal box, pick the box and place it on the switch on the ground. A red force field will drop right before you. Go inside and there is another metal box, pick it up. You need to throw the metal box in the hole on the wall on the left besides the blue flags. Go to another room through the alcove on the right and there you will find the next ball. Take the ball and go back to the puzzle. Place the ball in the right spot and find the last missing ball.

Find Missing Ball 2

This time head left from the puzzle up the stairs. You will have to battle and defeat some foes. Once you have taken care of the enemies, you will notice two switch – one has a feature and the other an anvil. There are also two metal boxes – one with a bear and the other with an eye. Place the bear box on the anvil switch and the eye box on the feature switch. Again, a red force field will drop on the entrance and you will be able to get the 5th ball.

Take the ball and go back to the puzzle. Place the ball in the right place and the Constellation Challenge Puzzle will be solved. The lyre will unlock and you will get the Sirens’ Song.

Once the puzzle is solved, we will collect some Pomegranates and the Wings of the Dreadful then continue the quest.

Go back to the spot where you found the second missing ball and head up the stairs. You will find some enemies, fight them and collect the Pomegranates from the baskets near the statue.

From the Sirens’ Song, head west and you will see two red harpies on the sky above a platform. Kill them and open the chest to find the Wings of the Dreadful.

Go back to the Cyclop’s Island

Glide west from the Epic Chest and head to the tower where you found the Envy sword. Go to a floor lower than where you found the sword. The place has some Yellow Adamantine Shards, collect them and next we will go to Myth Challenge Odysseus from the map.

In the southwest corner of the beach, there is the golden ruins, go there and climb to the second floor to find some Pomegranates. Search the ground for a bow and arrow disk, stand on the disk. Now, face north and you have to fire the Apollo’s Arrow through 15 rings of the axe handle. You can guide the arrow like a drone to maneuver it through each ring on the tip off the golden axe. Perform the task and the brazier will light at the end. And a chest will open.

Now, follow the route of the arrows and defeat the enemies that come in your way. Go to the chest that the arrows opened earlier and you will find Infestation. It’s a bow with 22.5% damage to Charged Shots.

Head up to the hill by following the path and you will come upon the Cauldron of Circe. On the game’s map, it appears as a purple potion vile. With the Cauldron, you can turn the items you have collected throughout the quest into potions. You can also exchange the Golden Amber you collected for potion upgrades. Here are the potions you can make.

  • Attack Potion – You need 6 Olympian Figs to make the potion. The effect is it increases attack by 40% for 90 seconds and also replenishes 5% health when hit.
  • Defense Potion – You need 6 Flower Nectar to make the potion. The effect is it increases defense by 40% for 90 seconds and also causes 200 damage on attacking enemies.
  • Health Potion – You need 5 Pomegranates to make the potion. The effect is it replenishes 6 Health Chunks.
  • Stamina Potion – You need 5 Blue Mushrooms to make the potion. The effect is it replenishes 3 Stamina Chunks.

After you are done at the cauldron, keep heading upwards on the path. Jump the gaps that come in the way and use the updraft to glide. In the way, you will find Blue Mushrooms, pick them when you see them.

As you roam the island, you will come across a waterfall and a root-branch near it. Look behind the waterfall to find a cave, where you can collect the Purple Adamantine Shards.

We are still not done collecting items that you can later use for upgrades. From the cave, go towards the south direction. Pick and follow the Blue Mushrooms up the cliff and towards the giant mushroom platforms. Keep heading in the direction until you come upon a sitting statue of a metal man with Pomegranates on both palms. Collet the resource and return to Cauldron of Circe.

Once at Talos, head northwest and follow the root-branch and the path marked by Blue Mushrooms. If you keep following the path, you will go around the rest of the island and to the top. By following the path marked by Blue Mushrooms, you will have a lot of mushrooms and can avoid using up the stamina potions.

Follow the path and reach to the highest point of the island where you will see two trees. One of them has Ambrosia.

Release Polyphemos from Circe’s Curse

From here, you have to go to the starting point of the entire quest, the place where Polyphemos the cyclops is frozen. As you reach the point, a cut scene will interrupt the game. Right after the cut scene, there is the boss fight. Here are tips to defeat Polyphemus the Enraged.

How to Defeat Polyphemus the Enraged in Immortals Fenyx Rising

All the gear and potions you have collected so far will come to use now. Here is how you can defeat Polyphemus the Enraged and complete the Secret of the Cyclops Quest.

The primary weapons you need to equip for the fight are Envy sword and Blight, which we picked up earlier. When you start the fight, throw things you find around such as pillar chunks, rocks, etc. as they can deal greater damage than the Blight and Sword.

The main attack of Polyphemus is swing attacks. The first and second swing are normal and can be blocked, but the third attack with distinct red cannot be blocked and deals a lot of damage. You would want to dodge the third attack and use the time to lay down some of your own attacks.

The Envy sword deals more damage when used as Air Strike Combo, so jump as high as possible while hitting Polyphemus with the sword.

The main strategy you should be using in the fight against Polyphemus is to stay behind him and dodge his third swing and use the time after the third swing to attack on him.

That’s all we have in this guide.     

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