Hydrazine Tank Location in Dead Space Remake (chapter 2)

Shubham Chaurasia
Shubham Chaurasia

Dead Space recently got its much-awaited remake and was released on January 27th. Dead Space Remake is available on PC, Playstation and Xbox. It is also available on Steam Deck

Dead Space Remake has many chapters to complete (12 chapters total) and each chapter has some challenges or items to collect, players will need to do various tasks to complete the chapter. Every chapter has many objectives that need to be completed to go to the next chapter. 

When players finish the objective to find the captain’s body and get the security clearance level 1, they will 2 new objectives – find the Hydrazine tank and find the shock pad. In this guide, you will know about how to find the Hydrazine Tank, which needs to be found in chapter 2. 

Hydrazine Tank Location in Dead Space Remake (chapter 2)

In order to find the Hydrazine tank, players will need to go to the security station. In the Security station, you will find a glass tube blocking the door to Imaging Diagnostics Wing. Players can remove the glass tube by using the kinesis ability. After entering the wing, you need to take the elevator to go to the upper level but the power is out so players will need to find the power cell (located in the hall on the table) and insert it into the circuit breaker and power the elevator. 

After taking the elevator to reach the upper level, you need to use kinesis to make a path with a broken part of the ship to proceed. After proceeding from the broken part, players will need to find the zero gravity area and they can find it by using the in-game locator by pressing TAB. 

Note: when in zero gravity, your suit will show how much time is remaining till your oxygen tank will be emptied. 

After following the markers shown by the locator you will exit the zero gravity area and see a Zero-G Therapy Maintenance, go to it and you will find the Hydrazie tank inside of it. 

That’s how you can find the Hydrazine tank in Dead Space Remake required in Chapter 2. If you find this guide helpful, you cna check our website for more dead Space guides and news. 

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