Hunt Showdown Launches Halloween Event “The Harvest” and New DLC Cold Blooded

Hunt Showdown Halloween Event The Harvest is On

Halloween is a fantastic time of the year as we see video game franchises host exclusive events. Hunt Showdown Halloween Event “The Harvest” has officially launched on 26th Oct. The event brings a list of rewards that players can get including the Legendary Hunter “The Headsman”. You also have a chance to grab Legendary Weapons “The Executioner”, “The Marwood” and “Closed Casket.”

To get the Legendary Hunter “The Headsman,” players need to earn 1,000 event points before “The Harvest” comes to a close.

“The Harvest” event in Hunt Showdown starts from 26th Oct and runs until 9th Nov. During the event, there is a range of rewards up for grabs. Here are all the rewards you can get during the event.

  1. Legendary Hunter “The Headsman”
  2. Bronze Wormseed Shot (unlocked with first login)
  3. Three Vitality Shots
  4. Three Frag Bombs
  5. Three Big Dynamite Bundles
  6. One Bronze Wormseed Shot
  7. Legendary Caldwell Rival 78 “The Marwood”
  8. 500 Hunt Dollars
  9. Legendary Combat Axe “The Executioner”
  10. Legendary Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez Mace “Closed Casket”
  11. 1000 Hunt Dollars

The event launch trailer shows the legendary weapons, some of the enemies, and other unique elements of the new event. Here is the official trailer for Hunt Showdown “The Harvest” event.

But, that is not all the fans can be excited about. With the launch of the Halloween event, the devs have also brought a much-awaited DLC “Cold Blooded” to Hunt Showdown. The new DLC brings with it a Legendary Hunter “The Reptilian”, Legendary Romero 77 Talon, “Avarice”, and Legendary Bomb Lance “Tooth to Tail.”

There is a lot for players of Hunt Showdown to look forward to during Halloween week and the month that follows. You can play Hunt Showdown on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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