HuniePop 2 - Double Date

HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide

HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide

Visually, HuniePop offers a section that pursues the pop elements of Japanese culture, as well as its fictional characters. Despite its content, HuniePop has been a game that has received quite a positive reception from both the public and critics. Because, despite its pornographic content, it is a good puzzle game.

If you are new to this game and eager to know everything about HuniePop 2 Final Boss game, here we present you with a complete guide.

HuniePop 2 Final Boss Guide – The Battle

The HuniePop 2 Final Boss offers one of the great challenges, but we are sure, after going through this guide, you can easily get through the battle with space sex-goddesses.

The HuniePop 2 Final Boss is a 4-stage dating game that selects randomly 2 girls who match and wants you to store 500 affection points before you proceed. 

It means you will need to collect a total of 20,000 affection points to win. It is not tough, you get 120 to 80 moves to pull it off which depends on the difficulty setting you have set.

However, even if you are playing easy-mode, these 2 are no hard targets. So, you need some serious preparation if you want to be around them.

The Preparation for Battle

To start the game, the first thing you will need to do is buy as many colourful smoothies as you can, and offer them to different girls to maximize the number. Also, you will need to search for all the unique gifts and shoes as these things will increase the amount of passion and style respectively.

When you get a maximum number, still there are a few things you can do to upsurge your chances, especially on higher difficulty settings. 

To do this, you can purchase some stuff from the store that increases the turn tokens number that appears. And also the stuff that focuses on each girl’s strength. 

At this point, you should be capable enough to give 3 items to each girl. 

The Date Night

Once you are done with the above two points, now it is the date night. Ensure, you are optimizing your combos by choosing the right girl who likes the affection the most. Also, make sure to get extra move matches as regularly as possible because your total won’t be increasing between the rounds. 

Before completing the round, you should confirm to use any time-extension items as it is tied to the girls you have assigned.

With a maxed-out style level, you would often see power orbs. You need to use this on girls with promising affection types, as a decent power orb match can fill up a third affection meter. You can do the same on higher difficulties also as long as you have maxed out your passion meter.

The thing to keep in mind is bad matchups. Such double dates seem random, so it’s quite easy to catch up between two girls who offer the same favoured love-type.

If you are getting a bad matchup, make sure to try to increase the girl’s affection meters first. If she is low on stamina, try to get a stamina match, or swap with the other girl until you can prepare a stamina match for her. 

If you are keep getting bad match-ups, you should try to use each girl’s 3rd item slot that can be compensated for bad matchups by increasing the affection type that is generated.

If you will continue, you should bring down these two space-beings in very few tries. It does not matter how many times you fail, you should not miss trying again.

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