How to Void a Check (All Methods)?

how to void check

A voided check is a way of sharing your bank information while ensuring the check is not cashed. You may be required to provide a voided check when setting up automatic payments, payment from the employer, or simply to nullify the check. Mistakes are usual when writing a check such as a spelling mistake, or an added zero to the amount, a voided check ensures it cannot be processed at the bank.

Regardless of the need to void a check, you should know how to do it. There are two ways to go about it, the method you choose depends on the reason why you want to void a check. So, let’s check how to void a check.

Method 1: Write Void on the Check Once

You can void a check by simply writing VOID on top of the check with a pen. Write the text large enough spanning from one corner of the check to the other. You can use this method when you want to void check for deposits. This method can also be used when you have made an error in the PAY OF THE field such as a misspelt name or wrong amount. While writing the VOID text, remember not to cover the numbers at the bottom that provides details related to your account as this might be used to set up payment.

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Method 2: Write Void Thrice on the Check

In this method, you can write “void”in three different spots on the check. This is a more thorough method of voiding a check. Again, use a pen, and write void in the same way as instructed in method one across the check. Additionally, write void in the $ box and the signature line.  

How to Void a Check Digitally?

If you have sent out a check and you want to stop it from processing or you have misplaced or lost a check, the next step should be to null the check. However, you might be too busy to go to the bank physically. That is where your bank’s mobile app comes handy. You should know how to void a check digitally. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the mobile app of the bank
  2. Locate the service related to check
  3. Find the option that says Stop a check or something similar (the steps may vary according to the bank)
  4. Provide the check number and choose stop.

This will immediately null the check and it won’t be able to process.  

How to Void a Check Already Sent?

If you have already sent the check and you want to void it, time of the essence, you have to act quickly. Before you proceed to void a check already sent, have some information at hand such as the check number, issued amount and date, name of the payee or organization, and the reason you want to stop the check.

Then, you have two options to make the check invalid, the steps instructed on how to void a check digitally and personally calling the bank.

If for some reason you cannot access the mobile banking or online banking, you need to call the bank to stop check. After you place the call ask for “Stop Payment Order”. This means that you want to stop the payment of a check that has not already been debited. If you are in luck, the check would not be processed and your request to stop will take effect. However, ensure you have all the information we shared in the above para to make the process quick.

Voided Check Example

Here are some examples of voided check:

How to Void a Check
How to Void a Check2

What can someone do with a Voided Check?

A voided check will default at the bank. It cannot be deposited, filled in, or chased. If you think that makes the check useless, it’s not the case. A voided check serves some purpose. A voided check is required in certain circumstances such as:

  1. Allowing your employer to deposit money directly to your account.
  2. Authorizing the employer to deposit other expenses such as expense reimbursement.
  3. Permitting other agencies or a government body to deposit money directly to your account.
  4. Automated bill and loan payments.

To sum it, if you want a third-party to directly submit automated payments to your account on a monthly basis, a void check is required. Hence, we have described how to void a check.

How to Void a Check Bank of America?

You can void a Bank of America check by directly writing void on the check, through internet banking, or by directly calling the bank.

If you want to null the check via online banking. Log-in your account and under services, select Check. Select the account and click on Stop Payment. In order for the process to be successful, you will have to provide certain information such as the check number, amount, date issued, and the name of the payee.

To Sum Up

Now that you know how to void a check and circumstances when you need to void a check, you are empowered to make the right financial decisions to stop any wrongly issued checks. The quickest way to default a check if it’s already issued is through online banking as calling the bank can often be a lengthy process.

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