How to Use WhatsApp for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Instagram

Mycle Ahir
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Two-factor authentication is a must for protecting your Instagram account. Instagram recognizes the importance of adding a level of security to its users’ accounts, and the company offers a simple method of setting up the two-factor method of login. This article explains the method and the steps involved in using WhatsApp for two-factor authentication on Instagram.

An Instagram account with two-factor authentication is a great way to stay protected against hackers and other online threats. To get started, make sure you have the latest version of the app. You should have linked your WhatsApp and Instagram accounts for this, if you haven’t done this then don’t worry here are steps to link Whatsapp with Instagram.

How to Use WhatsApp for Two-Factor Authentication

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App, and navigate to the profile section.

Step 2: Click on Menu and Go to Settings Option.

Step 3: Navigate To Security Option, Given on the fifth Option in Menu.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Two-factor-authentication’, and a new window will open.

Step 5: There will be 4 Options – ‘Authentication app’, ‘WhatsApp’, ‘Text Message’, and ‘Additional Methods’.

Step 6: Click on Whatsapp, it will send an authentication OTP message to your Whatsapp Number(Make sure the mobile number used on Instagram is available on Whatsapp).

Step 7: Enter the OTP and it’s done. You will see that Whatsapp Option is Activated as 

Shown in Picture.

You can also use some Other options available there for security authentication options. So, this is a simple guide for how to setup WhatsApp 2-step authentication on Instagram by QM games. We hope you liked it.

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