How to Use TNT in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Use TNT in Minecraft Dungeons

The action RPG Minecraft Dungeons is set to be released tomorrow. Unlike, the block making game you know Minecraft to be, this game follows a story where you are the hero who can save the world from the evil boss Arch Illager. While playing the game, you will find TNT, which is a powerful weapon. The TNT is a ranged weapon like the bow, longbow and crossbow, it can come handy while trying to defeat the Enderman and other enemies. When you first find the TNT, you wear it like a hat. It can confuse players, so you should know that it’s actually TNT and a weapon you can use against enemies for your ranged attacks. To use the TNT you need to press the Ranged Attack Button.

All you Need to Know About TNT in Minecraft Dungeons

It’s essential to know that once you have picked up the TNT all your other ranged attacks will be blocked or disabled. You have to throw the TNT to use other ranged attacks. In that sense, the TNT is a powerful weapon but a burden as well because you cannot use your other attacks.

As previously mentioned, the TNT is powerful and when you choose to throw it, the explosion will be vast covering a wide area and killing all the monsters in the area. If you are playing the multiplayer with a team, be careful not to throw the TNT near your team or other friendly players as it can cause damage to them as well. If other players come in the radius of the TNT explosion, they could easily lose their life.

Why is the TNT Dangerous?

Although the TNT in Minecraft Dungeons is a valuable weapon in the arsenal, it is dangerous and comes with some caveat. Here are all the drawbacks of the TNT.

  1. When carrying the TNT you cannot use other Ranged Attacks. You have to throw the TNT to use other ranged weapons.
  2. If other players come in the radius of the TNT, they could lose their life.
  3. If you are caught in spider web, do not use the TNT as you won’t be able to escape and end up killing yourself.
  4. You can carry up to 3 TNTs on your head at a time. But, that’s not the good news. When you throw the TNT, only one hits the target, while the other two fly in random directions and could easily land near another friendly players or even wipe out your entire squad.

So, whenever, you plan to use the TNT ensure other players are ready to run or already not around. It’s a great weapon when you are playing solo. You can destroy just about anything with the blast of the TNT. This rounds up our guide on how to use TNT in Minecraft Dungeons. This is all we know so far, but there is likely much more you can do with TNT and we will update this post as we find out.

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