How to Use TikTok and Uber on Windows 11

With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft brings a lot of new features, one of the most awaited or useful is the ability to run Android apps on Windows 11, including TikTok, Uber, and just about everything that you can run on your Android phone. These isn’t a Play Store, instead, there would be a new Microsoft Store you ca download and install the apps from. Once you choose to install TikTok on Windows 11, it will be available locally meaning, the app will show up on the Start menu, you can create a desktop shortcut for it, and would not depend on your phone to function. Here is how to use TikTok and Uber on Windows 11.

How to Use TikTok and Uber on Windows 11

How is Microsoft doing this? Well, at the moment there isn’t much news except that the new Windows will be using the Intel Bridge Technology. So, here is how to download and use TikTok and Uber on Windows 11.

Download and Install TikTok and Uber on Windows 11

There is no trick to using any apps on the Windows 11. In fact, it’s one of the most basic functions of the OS and you should manage it without any difficulty. Here is how to do it.

  1. Get Windows 11 for your PC. Currently, be a part of the beta through the Windows Insider Program.
  2. Once you have the new Windows, go to the Microsoft Store and search for TikTok or Uber.
  3. After finding the app, download and install.
  4. That’s it, search for the app in the Start Menu and start using.

Both TikTok and Uber work the same on Windows 11 as their Android counterpart. While it would certainly add to your level of productivity when you are on your system, it’s great for entertainment. It’s a feature that was long overdue as the competitor Apple already allows the iOS apps to be used macOS.    

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